Guest Blogging: Searching for Superwomen

searching for superwomen

I’m guest blogging again this week over at Searching for Superwomen, the brainchild of Emmie Mears whose book Shrike will be hitting bookshelves in the near future. Click on the excerpt to read more.

I still remember the comment as clear as my feelings for the Star Wars prequels. Those are the kinds of things that stick with you. We were playing Street Fighter II, probably one of the best fighting games of all time.

And what was this? A lady fighter? Oooh, yes please! But then came the comment: “Why do chicks always choose the girls?” Oh, I don’t know, probably the same reason you “dudes” always pick the guys. Don’t be hating on the awesomeness of Chun Li. Just don’t!

Feel free to leave me a comment either here or on SFSW. And if you haven’t checked out SFSW before, please do! There are all kinds of posts for the geek inside, ranging from Doctor Who to Supernatural to Buffy and everything in between.

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogging: Searching for Superwomen

  1. Have always loved Lara Croft!! How can you not? As a female gamer, you gotta love how she kicks @ss!! Before her, way back with PC gaming, there was The Dagger of Amon Ra, Sierra games. It had a great female lead, Laura Bow. It was short lived though and I was left waiting for the sequel. But then came Tomb Raider. Great post Jae!

  2. Great guest post! The lack of strong female characters in gaming is related to the problem of few female role models in literature, including children’s literature, movies, and toys. It’s not enough that we have Lara Croft. We need more. It’d be nice if we had more in real life too, such as in higher levels of government.

    • I think we’re making great progress. Fortunately the up and coming generations are used to seeing more powerful women, and if we keep demanding more, we’ll see more. I’m hopeful for the future. 🙂

  3. I’m terrible at video games, so I don’t play them often…it’s a vicious cycle, now that I think about it… 😉 But I love that they’ve rebooted Lara Croft, allowing her to wear clothing I think the character would actually have chosen.

    Nice guest post!

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