Teaching Tunes Tuesday: Ulfuls

What is Teaching Tunes Tuesday? Where I take 10 vocabulary words from either a Spanish or Japanese song and tell you what they mean so we can both increase our knowledge of the languages. There will be lyric videos, followed by official videos.

I bet this week I’ve uncovered a band even you J-Rock/Pop lovers haven’t heard of. Well, maybe not all of you. I was introduced to this song by a friend who spent a few years over in Japan and say this song was the bomb diggety back in the day. Meet the band Ulfuls, bringing us this week, GUTS DAZE.

I loved the throwback to samurai costume in this video. People actually thought it was cool to wear their hair like this. Who knows, maybe the style will make a comeback in the near future. At least it was good news for balding men, right?

So there isn’t an lyric version of this song—at least not that I could find on YouTube. (Read them here.) So instead we’ll start with the music video version and end with a live version for kicks and giggles.


tamashii (たましい) – spirit
otoko (おとこ)  – man
yowaki (よわき) – bear
nakute mo (なくても) – without
choudai (ちょうだい) – give me
umarete (うまれて) – born
shinu (しぬ) – to die; death
houben (ほうべん) – expedient
kibishiku (きびしく) – messy
modoru (もどる) – to turn back; to return

Gattsu daze! What does that mean? You’ve gotta have guts! Guts to stay alive, to live your dreams. Guts! So now when you’re confronted with something difficult, I want you to skip along singing ♫Gattsu daze!♫

Woot! That’s 10 more words than we knew of nihongo before today. Goal to learn more Japanese: CHECK!

Funny note about the band’s name: Ulfuls. Derived from a wrong reading of the word soulful. The Japanese would read it something like SOO-U-RU-FU-RU. Either way, gattsu daze!


What are your thoughts?

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