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Welcome to Inspirational Monday Morning, where I pull things from around the web to inspire both your writing and perhaps a smile on your face.


I follow Kristen Lamb’s blog and read her posts fairly regularly. Generally speaking, most of them are fantastic, but this one was piqued my interest more than usual. If you really want to sell a lot of books, whether as a self-published author or a traditional one, there’s one bonafide way to get it done.


How old are your ears? If you’ve attended a number of concerts they’re probably older than you would like…like mine. *sigh* Either way, watch a fascinating “hearing test” video and see where you fall on the spectrum.


wizard of ozI know some around the interwebz may find this sexist. And maybe it is. But hey, some people don’t understand about shoes. I spent an entire year looking for the right pair of winter boots. And every time I found a pair, they were sold out or sold out of my size. It’s maddening enough to make you want to send flying monkeys to grab the last pair of that upstart little farm girl who stole them from your sister. Seriously!

Come across anything interest on the web lately? How did you do on the hearing test? What do you think of Kristen Lamb’s post? Is that the key to selling a lot of books?

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Monday Morning

  1. That 1-5 page rule makes sense and I think that’s what got me into trouble during my query letter days. My book starts off slow and the present tense isn’t doing me any favors. That’s why I like the self-publishing of today. It gives me the chance to prove that my books are worth reading. I’ve been comparing it to the open mic night for musicians and comedians, which is something authors never had before.

  2. That was a fantastic blog article and goes much in line with what I have been thinking. In fact I got into a discussion yesterday with another reviewer and she mentioned Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as a book that starts slow but there are good stuff at the end. I um told her I didn’t care, I probably wouldn’t finish the book and mark it as bad, lol.

    In fact for an upcoming lazy Sunday blog post, I was going to cover that topic, writing good books. In any medium that is where the majority of sales comes in. Recommendations / word of mouth. It is the number one driver.

    Really great stuff!

    Also I don’t need to take the hearing test. I am deaf in my right ear and my left ear has some hearing loss. It sucks. Hope you never lose hearing in one ear, let alone both.

    Erm… lol @ the picture. I really don’t understand the shoe thing but then I am the opposite of a fashionista… I think we are called slobs, lol.

    • I’m sure there’s something you’re quite particular about and would scour the internet for hours to find the right version of it. It’s something like that. The trouble for the ladies is finding a shoe that meets our needs and matches our style AND is a good economic choice. *sigh* I’m always struggling with this. I think it’s because my tastes are way eclectic.

      • Hmm… I tend to spend longer when making tech purchases to read reviews and what not, but when it comes to something like that hmm. I am sure there is something.

        I do relate to the size thing being sold out. That happens to me a lot. It really sucks. 😦

        On a random note I just found out the other day that you can buy a t-shirt for $300…. must use solid gold threads or something in them things cuz that was insane to me.

        • Maybe silkworms that fed on the flesh of Genghis Kahn produced the textile? 😉 Of course, that would probably be more in the thousands. But yeah, I wouldn’t pay $300 for a T.

  3. I think Kristen Lamb is right-on – thanks for sharing her article, although I could have done without the fish head picture… 😉 I’m not much of a shoe person myself; I know, I make a lousy girl, but I still love that meme! Definitely put a smile on my face. Thanks!

    • I didn’t think I was a shoe person, but I like a particular style of shoe so it’s difficult for me to find exactly what I want. 😉 How’s the Mystic Cooking universe coming along?

      • Oh, it’s coming…I’m waiting for Kati to send me her section. It was supposed to be sitting in my inbox this morning…writing partners, I tell ya. 😉

        • LOL. Did she start watching Boys Over Flowers? Is that the hold up? I watched that again recently. They really do pull you back and forth between Team Junpyo and Team Jihoo. *sigh* I wish they’d do a movie special, like they often do with these shows. I’d like to see them all together again. It could be about the big wedding. 😀

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