Guest Blogging: Searching for Superwomen

searching for superwomen

I’m guest blogging again this week over at Searching for Superwomen, the brainchild of Emmie Mears whose book Shrike will be hitting bookshelves in the near future. Click on the excerpt to read more.

I still remember the comment as clear as my feelings for the Star Wars prequels. Those are the kinds of things that stick with you. We were playing Street Fighter II, probably one of the best fighting games of all time.

And what was this? A lady fighter? Oooh, yes please! But then came the comment: “Why do chicks always choose the girls?” Oh, I don’t know, probably the same reason you “dudes” always pick the guys. Don’t be hating on the awesomeness of Chun Li. Just don’t!

Feel free to leave me a comment either here or on SFSW. And if you haven’t checked out SFSW before, please do! There are all kinds of posts for the geek inside, ranging from Doctor Who to Supernatural to Buffy and everything in between.

AFB: Emmie Mears

Welcome to April’s Featured Blog, something I’ll be posting here on Lit and Scribbles most of the month to introduce all of you to perhaps some new future friends and get to know a little more about your blogging community.

Today we’re going to chat it up with my friend Emmie Mears whom I got to know via Pitch Wars and who has recently acquired representation. Emmie writes about vamps, Scotland, writing and other fun stuff over at and soon she’ll be the published author of SHRIKE, an urban fantasy.

WHO IS EMMIE MEARS?: Student of history. Gamer. Language nerd. Displaced Celt.Emmie spends at least an hour a day preparing for or thinking about the zombie apocalypse.Future calamity notwithstanding, Emmie hunts stories in dark alleys and in stone circles and spends most nights listening for something that goes bump.

Emmie lives outside D.C. with her husband, a husky puppy who talks too much, and a tabby who thinks she’s a tiger.She is currently mucking up the lives of demon-hunters and mythology professors for her current projects. Emmie is represented by Jessica Negrón of Talcott Notch Literary Services.

J: Okay Emmie, when did you first start blogging and what is your blog about?

EM: I’ve been blogging for over a decade, but I started this blog about four years ago. At first, I wrote intermittently about writing, but in the last couple years I’ve moved toward writing about fantasy, urban fantasy, television shows, and superheroes. For the funsies!

J: Which of your posts was the most fun to write and why?

EM: Oh, there have been a ton! Anything Buffy-related is usually a blast to write about, because a lot of my readers are big Buffy fans. I also have enjoyed some of the list style posts, ie: Top 10 Superheroes It Would Really Suck to Be.

100postemmieJ: What type of stories do you write?

EM: I write adult urban fantasy, usually of a gritty-yet-quirky variety. My books tend to get dark, but I am an adherent of Joss Whedon’s admonition: “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.”

J: Protagonist excluded, which of your characters is your favorite?

EM: Hmm. Good question. I have a character called Jezebel in the trilogy that was my first real fiction project. She started out a secondary character and had such a distinctive voice that she became a POV character sheerly because she was so fun to write. In my current WIP, I really love this half-demon hybrid called Mason. He struggles against his nature and has a deep love of the mother who died giving birth to him, and he wants more than anything to believe that others like him will try to be better than they were born to be.

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My Fantasy Circle of Five

circle of five

My friend Emmie Mears recently posted about this quote, something she found on WordPress:

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

But she gave it a twist. Since she’s a writer, she turned that into which five people from fantasy worlds would she like to spend her time with. Check out her answers here.

I think this makes for a great writers post, so I’m turning it into a tagging post, mostly because there’s some people whose answers I’d like to hear. But first, here’s my fantasy circle of five.


David-Tennant-as-Doctor-WhoI’m sure some of you guessed it. Why, the Doctor of course! And not just any Doctor, but the David Tennant Doctor in particular. I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wanted to time travel as well as space travel and with the Doctor you can do both. I’d want him to park the TARDIS right on the ring of Saturn and open the door so I could see it up close. I’d probably make him do that with every planet in our galaxy, and then, anything and everything. Besides, if he’s 900+ years old, there’s a lot I’d like to ask him about.

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My 100th Post Party

100 posts scribbles

Sorry my peeps, no Friday Flix this week, because I realized last week or so that I was fast approaching 100 posts. It’s hard to believe I could think of 100 things to write about. And if we’re being honest, I’d have to thank Row80 for making a lot of those posts possible.

But as is Scribbles tradition here, we celebrate benchmarks, and to do that I’m presenting a bit of Lit and Scribbles history with the top ten posts that you liked best (based on views of all time), and some comics for your enjoyment. This is a momentous Scribbles occasion after all.


The Next Big Thing. This is a blog hop post I was tagged to do by Brian, which explains in further detail things about my novel. If you haven’t done one, consider yourself tagged. It helps prospective agents and your readers know more on what exactly your book is about. I especially found the actor/actress who would play your characters section helpful, because now I’ve gathered photos of what I picture my characters look like. It takes a lot of time, but I think it’s worth it.

jae scribbles tardis

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