Getting Ready to Query

As it happens with most writers, the time arrives when they’re ready to query an agent. I’ve done this many times before and the process is never really a joy (unless you get requests of course). But I still believe in the traditional process. To me you’ve got to do the work either way and I like that a publishing house has more reach than I do as one person. But to each their own with this process.

I’ve finally got my MG Fantasy manuscript in submission state. I think it’s been two years since I started writing this. A lot of that time was putting life on pause for a baby. But now that baby is older I’m back to writing.

Do any of you feel almost possessed by your ideas? I’m a plotter and so I write a basic outline for each novel idea I have. And sometimes it can become a crazy obsession until it’s out. Which is why I like being a plotter. I can get it out in short form so it’s not taking over my total life. And then I can write it at my leisure. I am one of those who enjoys editing too. It’s interesting to see what themes and changes pop up during the first few drafts and how you can shape that into something great.

Look forward to more news on this.

But in fun writing news, I recently won first place in three categories for a contest my writing league held. There’s a little prize money, which is nice, but for me it’s the accolades. And the judges give feedback, which I am 100% about. I feel like when I was a newer writer, having people critique my work was hard. But as I came to realize how much stronger it makes my writing, I’m all about it. That’s not to say everyone’s feedback will be helpful, but it does help to at least consider each critique and see if you do need to strengthen an area or make even a few changes to help. It’s an interesting process.

Good luck to all you querying folk out there. I’m really good at helping others with their queries, at least I feel like I can make some improvements, so if you’re about to query, feel free to hit me up for a quick review. Let’s get these books agented and out to the world!

What to Blog About

I think a major part of the problem of not paying attention to my blog is I wasn’t sure what to write about. A lot of what consumes my life right now is being a mom and I didn’t want this to turn into another mommy blog, much as I love my kiddo.

But you have to write about what interests you or it won’t happen. And then the brain fog that has settled over my mind since the kiddo was born lifted briefly and I realized I could at least talk about TV/movies and books that I’m consuming. And maybe even get in a few scribbles.

So please look forward to upcoming reviews. I’m getting excited for the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series and the Doctor Strange movie that’s just around the corner. But I’m also interested in older movies on occasion, too. The hubs and I like to get the most out of our streaming subscriptions.

See you again soon!

Making Progress

Now that baby boy is getting slightly more independent and I’m getting more rest, I’m working on things. I’m still not great about reading books, but I’m determined to keep on trying. It’s hard because some of them are good, but not great. For me, it’s hard to find a book that really enthralls me. It doesn’t even have to be the best well-written, just if the story is good and moves well. So if you have any MG recommendations, throw them at me.

I’ve started writing the sequel to my “Tower” book. It’s a MG Fantasy. This series has been crazy, it’s like it possessed me and I wrote outlines for several books. I have been editing the first one, but that gets a little humdrum after awhile, so I decided to start writing the second one. I had planned to do it for NanoWrimo, but it just didn’t happen. But I’ve realized I’ve got to spend time writing, even if just for my own mental health. You feel really cut off from the world as a SAHM. Especially in our covid times. It’s hard to keep reaching out when it’s not reciprocated.

I don’t blame them, it’s hard enough to reach out in the first place as a mom. Kids really take over your whole world. And it could be they have family in town, whereas we really don’t. So it gets lonely. But somehow crafting stories can help fill that void.

I just wanted to brag a little about making progress. And I’m submitting a small portion to my writer’s group again. They are so good with helpful feedback. We all critique each other’s stuff and make each other better writers and it’s so great to have that.

How are you doing? Are you meeting writing goals? Or maybe just having fun? What kinds of books are you reading lately?

Whew! A Baby…

Welp, I did the thing. The thing all the ladies are doing—at least a lot of the ladies around me. I had a baby. And wow! That was hard. And crazy. Especially those first few months. I don’t know how you mommas of multiples do it. One seems like plenty of work to me.

So anyways, I’ve been out of the blogging loop for quite awhile, because the baby journey took up all of my time. But now baby is old enough to sleep decently, so I’m sleeping decently, which means I’m determined to come back. I know the next round of Row80 is coming up soon and I always loved participating in that.

Plus I’ve got some new writing projects on the horizon. Well, I guess they’re already here. Because I’ve already written them. And mostly edited them. So now I just need to work on polishing and eventually publishing them. You get what I’m saying. Well, you Russian bots do, cuz who’s kidding? Ain’t nobody reading the Lit and Scribbles now. But I do want to make cartoons. And forgive me if they get a little first-time mommish but that’s my vibe these days. Talk to you again soon! Or as they say in Russian, Пока тайная полиция снова не найдет нас!

Hook ‘Em and Hang ‘Em

Thanks again to everyone who came to my panel at the League of Utah Writers conference today. I hope you all make great beginnings and endings and get those books sold!

Here is a link to the PowerPoint I had up on the screen. Feel free to ask me any questions as you go along. Remember, odds are you’ve already written a great beginning line. You just may need to dig down in your paragraphs a little.

Hook ‘Em PowerPoint