My Writing Space

I’ve done a post about what my ideal writing space would be like. Well, it’s only fair that I do a post about what the actual writing space looks like currently. I’ve been promising it to a few peeps and was also inspired by them. Gloria, Alexandrina, Kate, this goes out to you.

Because I recently switched desks from the Wal-Mart space-age special to the Wal-Mart looks nice special, it took me awhile to move stuff the way I wanted it. Now that it is, may I present to you…


jae writing spaceThere is a space in the bottom right corner for computers, but Big Bertha only scoffed at me as I tried to heft her inside. So she remains contentedly outside of the desk on the side. What occupies the computer spot now is the PS3. Yes folks, this is where I also play Tomb Raider and Uncharted. And I watch movies. I could spend thousands on a monitor, but why not less than $200 for a refurb’d Vizio. They’re stellar TVs too.

The gray machine on the left side is my super old stereo of whose speakers reign on top. It’s nice to have some music on while cleaning. But usually if I’m listening to music while writing it comes from the little speakers tucked in on the desk behind the ceramic hamburger (more on that in a minute). The pink thing is my Kindle (which holds my only copy of The Emotion Thesaurus).

The desk was supposed to be a dark brown, and it is, but often it looks black. Oh well. I prefers a dark brown to a black for my furniture.

Now for the details. writingspace04On top we have the Yellow Submarine lunch box my parents bought me last year just because. (Love my parents). The Sailor Moon clock of whose batteries I immediately took out. She ticks sooooo loudly. The three books are loaners, so that’s where they temporarily reside. And to be honest, the Pat Rothfuss one I’ve borrowed on my Kindle. You may also notice (you can click on the pic to make it bigger), the little figurines in front of an old nameplate. Aw yeah, SW micro action figures! Lastly a lightsaber, Kerberos which I purchased in Japan, and Grumpy because you can never find Grumpy Bear, so my sis did and there he is. Oh, and the painting on the other speaker is a James Christiansen, which my brother’s ex-girlfriend bought for my parents who promptly handed it off to me once they were no longer dating. Awkward. I still like it though.

writingspace05On the shelf we have all the good writing books, including: Story, Writing the Breakout Novel, Fire in Fiction, On Writing, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and Hero of a Thousand Faces. I’ve also included the Survival Handbook and Plants of the Rockies just because.

On the left are all the PS3 games I own/am borrowing. Tomb Raider and some racing game. Batman isn’t mine, but I love it. The Chinese takeout box is a lamp, and the red thing on the left is a Japanese post box. Yeah, you could say I love all things Asian.


To the right of my monitor is my speakers, a couple origami lotus flowers, my monkey coin purse (I store SD cards in there), a jade dragon/phoenix ball, and the ceramic hamburger. Oh please! Like if you didn’t see that in Japan you wouldn’t have bought it. It holds candy, like Hi-Chews and currently Cadbury mini-eggs.

The jade ball is something I picked up in Hong Kong. Jade is one stone that looks better the more you touch it. So I grab it sometimes for inspiration. I think there are 4 or 5 smaller balls inside. They carve them within the outer jade ball. Kind of crazy huh? In Hong Kong, jade is way cheaper than anywhere else. It still cost me a bit, but way less than I could have gotten this for in America. You can see the dragons breathing fire on this part of the ball.

jade ballThis is where I get things done. I used to take my mostly broken old Mac laptop downstairs to work on, but since I got a better desk and Big Bertha, I’ve been hanging mostly here. Plus I can turn on my Cloud Player and have at it.

So there you have it. I really like the idea of this narrow hutch desk, because it takes up the same amount of space as the previous desk (except for height) and it gives me a little more shelf space than the poor big black beast holding most of the books I own.

But that black chair is also the $20 Wal-Mart special and I really need something more comfortable. Ugh. Maybe I’ll just prop an old pillow on it for now. I’m worried about finding something that fits and is comfortable at the same time. Space is a little bit of an issue, and that crap chair tucks in nicely under the desk.

What do you think? Decent writing space? Any zen recommendations? Have you done a post on your current writing space? What would you absolutely have to have in your writing space? Let us know below.

31 thoughts on “My Writing Space

    • A little of both, but rarely a disaster. I get to a point where clutter drives me bonkers and I spend time cleaning up my room, the living room, whatever. I’ve watched a lot of shows like Hoarders and Clean House which push me closer to neat freak than messy. But sometimes there are papers all piled along the desk. I just haven’t needed them lately. πŸ˜‰

  1. That’s an impressive writing space, but Yellow Submarine makes everything great. My writing space is half of the dining room table until night where I have to move my station to the bedroom. I built a writing desk in high school with a matching chair. It’s been taken over by my wife and her scrapbooking. I hope to reclaim it some day.

    • That’s cool you built your own desk AND matching chair. I think if my laptop wasn’t shooting out sparks or wouldn’t power off if I bumped the cable just right I might have different areas for working, but for now it’s me and Big Bertha. πŸ˜€

      • I wasn’t thinking with the desk though. The top is lifted up to reveal the drawers, so a desktop computer would make half of the storage space inaccessible. Not my brightest moment when I got it home and set it up for the first time. I believe I said ‘Doh!’

  2. Looks great! I probably would keep the batteries in Sailor Clock too. (I’m super distractable and that would make me cray-cray.) But, I think you need some Lego mini-figs. πŸ˜‰

    • Hmmm… Legos eh? I do have a Harry Potter and Malfoy quidditch set my friend once gave me. Maybe I’ll dig it out. The BFF is always getting on my case about being a grown up though, you know. πŸ˜‰ It’s a shame I don’t have kidlets, then excuses could be, well, my kid gave it to me. πŸ˜‰ They’d probably just want to play with my toys though… 😦

      • Pfft. You don’t need to be a grown-up. But yes, the kids would just want to play with your toys. I let mine play with my ponies, but my husband gets all possessive over his action figures…

        We’re so mature. ^.^

        • He should just buy them the drunken hussy set. That’s hours and hours of entertainment. I usually live by Warren Miller’s edict: Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. But don’t worry, I still have plenty of toys around. πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I think you said the words I hate most in this world: “Being grown up.” In my opinion, that’s simply taking care of your business. If you do your duties (raise kids/go to work/pay bills on time/so on), then you are an adult… Toys/entertainment have nothing to do with it.

        I mean think of it this way: Does drinking make me an adult? Does renting a car make me an adult? Does having a wall hanging of anime characters make me less of an adult? Does the fact I play video games at least twice a week make me less of an adult?

        Sorry… That is a pet peeve of mine. I never want to be the grown up you described. I don’t want excuses for my mini-figs, I’ll own them all proudly.

        • See, I knew there was a reason we got along. You give me the justification. I’m super responsible financially, personally, etc. So why not have a few things that make me smile around. (I’ve had old roommates very bothered by my Batman handsoap dispenser and Superman mirror clings.) Thanks for the encouraging words. Maybe I should hang my Naruto wall scroll back up, since the painting I was thinking of buying I don’t own anyway. πŸ˜‰

  3. Obviously, a lightsaber is an essential tool for any serious writer’s desk. Also, jealous of the batman hand dispenser mentioned in the comments.
    I recently did a post on my writing space while riding the bus. At home, it’s a mixture of my laptop, the couch, and the coffee table with cubby holes where I can rest my feet. Someday, I may have a grown up desk again – which, similar to yours, will also house important things like my Lego Boba Fett clock, and stuffed Dalek. For now, I work where I can.

  4. Great space, Jae. As usual, you’ve given me an inspiration for a blog post about my space. I too have lots of little things around me that inspire or simply make me smile when I look at them.

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