A Short, But Helpful Post

Okay peeps, I’m still doing some San Fran recovery and getting back onto a blogging schedule, etc. But I won’t leave you without something useful. So here is that something.

It’s called Word to Pages. Why is that so interesting? So glad you asked. Have a contest you’re eying, but not a good guesser at how many words equals how many pages in your world? Well, look no further than Words to Pages.

You can select single, 1.5, double-spaced and the font and the size and it will give you an approximation of how many pages that is.

Now it isn’t perfect. Especially for those of you dialogue happy or short sentence/short paragraph writers. But it at least gives you a ballpark estimate of what to expect. If you tend to have a lot of paragraphs, I’d probably take Word to Pages‘ estimate and go a little lower.

Now you have a helpful tool at your disposal.