She Won the Internet

I like to play guitar now and then and if there’s something that’s a lot of fun to mess around with, it’s Van Halen. You probably remember Jump and the Top Gun theme as some of his more memorable pieces. One of my favorites is PanamaBut have you heard him play this number?

The first 1:40 of that video is his guitar solo titled Eruption. Those who play guitar know how ridiculously complicated that solo is.

That’s why she won the internet.

Meet 14-year-old girl Tina, who can play Eruption like it’s not big thing—like the effort kind of bores her. Keep your hands under your eyelids in case those eyeballs pop out, and press play.

Well done Tina! I hope you go on to be the female rock star that trumps all rock stars.

What did you think of the video? Impressed? Had you heard Eruption before today? Who’s your favorite guitarist?