My 100th Post Party

100 posts scribbles

Sorry my peeps, no Friday Flix this week, because I realized last week or so that I was fast approaching 100 posts. It’s hard to believe I could think of 100 things to write about. And if we’re being honest, I’d have to thank Row80 for making a lot of those posts possible.

But as is Scribbles tradition here, we celebrate benchmarks, and to do that I’m presenting a bit of Lit and Scribbles history with the top ten posts that you liked best (based on views of all time), and some comics for your enjoyment. This is a momentous Scribbles occasion after all.


The Next Big Thing. This is a blog hop post I was tagged to do by Brian, which explains in further detail things about my novel. If you haven’t done one, consider yourself tagged. It helps prospective agents and your readers know more on what exactly your book is about. I especially found the actor/actress who would play your characters section helpful, because now I’ve gathered photos of what I picture my characters look like. It takes a lot of time, but I think it’s worth it.

jae scribbles tardis

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things i love: Uncharted


It’s been awhile since I did a things i love post, but I’m back and this time with a video game. Wait, seriously? Yep and when I’m all through here you’ll understand. But first let me shower some love around to all you other peeps who did things i love posts while my own were on a mini-hiatus. Too many things going on, you understand…

First up Daphne did a fabulous post on something she loves which is Victoria Frances art. Go check out her post and you’ll easily understand why. The Mystic Cooking ladies also had a couple things i love posts, one from Kati and one from Heidi.

If you want to participate in the things i love blog posts, it’s really easy. Tell us what you love and pingback to this post or the original post so I can send people your way with future posts. Plus, it lets me know you wrote one and, people, I want to read these things! Help me out! 😉 You may also use the things i love graphic in a post on things you love.


What is Uncharted you ask? Think Indiana Jones meets Malcolm Reynolds with a little bit of Han Solo sprinkled in the mix. (Brian, this article is for you.) hero is Nathan Drake, a bit of a scallywag, but a treasure hunter with a heart of gold. He’s the Indiana Jones of our day, though he is especially interested in the treasures and exploits of Sir Francis Drake of whom he claims to be a distant relation.


A lot of games these days are turning into a kind of interactive movie/game hybrid. The story and voice talent for Uncharted are epic Hollywood movie quality (if not better), and you get to know the characters as though you’re standing right there beside them.

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Novel Christmas Party


Thanks to Pitch Wars, life, and lack of good time, thethings i love post I intended for today just isn’t going to happen. But fear not, lovelies. I think you’ll still find today’s post fun, at least I hope you’ll participate.

On the Pitch Wars hashtag chat a few of us, just for kicks and giggles, picked the Christmas carol that best described our books. It rely makes you get creative and I think reveals a lots about how well we know our stories.

Now for many of us we might have to think dark carol mash up, but I think if we ponder it long enough we can come up with something.

For SHADE a tweep helped me realize the best carol for me is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Sure, I have to stretch it a little, but the lyrics, You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why… 🙂

So, I’m putting the question to you. What carol, even if you have to stretch a little, best describes your novel and why?

For SHADE my carol works because my MC is raised to view emotions as something to be suppressed or bad things will happen.

But that’s not all. I also want to know one more thing. Imagine all your characters are attending a Christmas party (and they’re not allowed to kill each other). Answer the following questions:

1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why?
2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?
3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?
4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why?

Big enough challenge for you? You can either tell me in the comments below or create your own post. If you do a post, Call it My Novel Christmas Party, and pingback to this post so we can come read it.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell us which carol best describes your book and why as well as answer one or all of the questions. I want to know, so get on it.

Use my Next Big Thing Post for character details. My answers:

1. The first to show up would be Iris because she would be preparing the food and probably organized the party. The first to leave would be Logan’s mother, the Queen because she would hate bring around so many commoners.

2. The first to start a fight is a character named Briggs who likes Vera. I’m certain he’d see Vera and Logan kiss under the mistletoe and he’d throw a big fit.

3. I nominate the Queen again. She loves her wine and it would probably make being around the commoners more tolerable.

4. Vera’s father Balfour would enjoy a party like this most, especially with good good and friends. I imagine his it would be his favorite holiday, if he lived in our world. For loathing, it comes back to a tie between the Queen and Briggs for the same reasons as above.

All right, now you’ve seen it done, do now you can do it. What do you say, are you in?

By the way, I was away from my computer for this post, so this was all created via the WordPress app. It’s a pretty handy app, I recommend it if you haven’t snagged it yet.

things i love: Tough Girls

First I want to give props to both Patricia and Brian for writing excellent things i love posts. Both their posts got me thinking about their topics, and it’s this energy we can all get from sharing that I’m most interested in. If you want to join in the fun, feel free to write your own post about something you love. If you pingback here or to the original things i love post I’ll mention you in future posts and on Twitter when I find you. And of course, I’ll be over at your blog reading away!

Now… as the BFF likes to say, “You only like movies where the girl is tough.” Which isn’t entirely true. I like movies about other things, but a girl who can hold her own definitely piques my interest.

That’s not to say I want women to be men. I like that each of the sexes have their unique strengths and traits and I like men to be men and women to be women. But that doesn’t mean a woman must be a frail, frightened thing to be a woman. On the contrary, a woman who is confident in herself and in what she believes, I think that’s what makes her strong. But I do like watching girls beat up the boys sometimes. Especially when the boys are villains.

Rainbow BriteI’ve been trying to think of where the love of tough girls started. There have been great women characters over the years, but probably one of the earliest renditions of a girl power character was honestly Rainbow Brite. Not only was she in charge of Rainbow Land, but she always went riding off on her horse to save the day, faced down bad guys and came out victorious. And she had super powers—always super cool. And let’s not forget her cool outfit. She was still quite feminine and powerful at the same time.

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things i love: Halloween

jae scribbles halloween

Why do we love it? Candy! Oh the delicious candy and all the wonderful things you can do with it.

Candy Cake

And let’s not forget costumes!

cool halloween costumes

I love how creative people can get!

An overall magic that hangs heavy in the air on All Hallow’s Eve. This, my friends, is why I love this spectacular holiday with its wonderful decor and tradition. Candy is celebrated and costumes are A-OK on this day. Plus I like decorating my house and going to houses that go all out. Like take this house for instance. Those faces on tombstones in the background are animated to Grim Grinning Ghosts!

halloween house

Okay, enough of the fangirling on Halloween. I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered where Halloween came from. Well, since I’ve been letting my curiosity lead the way I did a little digging, read a few blogs here and there—some authentic, some not—and this is the best I can come up with. May I present to you…

jae halloween history

Halloween, is actually Hallowe’en, or Hallow Evening, or All Hallow’s Eve, because originally November 1st was what mattered. November 1st is All Saints Day, or as I like to call it El Día de Los Muertos. It also has ties to an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, who also believed the dead world and the living world for some reason crossed paths at this time.  Those celebrating Samhain would light bonfires to attract bugs which attracted bats to eat them, but mostly the bonfires were to scare demons away. (Which makes sense, since demons live in hellfire all the time…?) They too wore costumes in hopes of scaring demons. (Maybe they scared easier in those days?)

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