Back with Mystic Scribbles

And I’m back!

Whew-ee! You leave for a couple of weeks and… hold on a second. Whoa. What the jujube happened to WordPress while I was gone. Is this the right blogging site? Well goodness gracious WP, you went and got some bling bling. I’ll keep my fingers crossed this won’t be like that blue monstrosity you nearly forced on us awhile back. *shudder*

Before I get into things, when I started writing this post a couple things popped into my head. First of all.

Gloria, no judging. I think this is the video all the K-Pop videos reference. But then I thought, what’s an even cooler way of announcing I was back?

Aaaaaah, it’s good to be back. No job is too big. No fee is too big. There will be scribbles, regular posts, dogs and cats living together, mass hystericals—you get the picture.

Where have I been? If you didn’t catch it from the last couple of posts, I’ve been in N. Cali, mostly in San Fran, sometimes the Redwoods and a little bit in between. What a ride!

And speaking of which, did you know it’s super frigid in San Fran in the summer? I’m not kidding, I wore my fleece nearly every day, never shorts and sometimes needed hot cocoa to warm up. It’s something to do with the hot air rising and cool air being pulled in. That’s also why San Fran is foggy all the time.

Oh, so a confession. When I first did the doodles on the background of the blog, my hair was straight because I was in this hair straightening phase. And every time I drew comics, oddly enough my hair was still straight. Well, for the most part. So now the secret is out. The natural state of my hair should be apparent very soon.

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Waiting in Lines

Hello! I’m still alive and kicking, living it up in San Francisco, but currently I’m waiting in line.

Why? I’m 90% certain the TSA stole a t shirt out of my bag. They did leave me a love note that they’d fondled my stuff. Anyway, I finally got tired of using my workout shirt as a pajama shirt sub, especially since I finally used it for its actual purpose this morning, so here I am at Ross with the cheapest sub shirt I could find.

In line.


Sure, lots of variety in this size of store, but an equally proportionate size of wait line.

Being in line, I thought of this video, maybe some of you have seen it.

Anyway, the weather has been great. I like it a little cooler and San Fran in the summer is more than accommodating. I’ve seen a lot of the good sights and pictures are forthcoming. In the meantime, I’m going to head to a late dinner, just as soon as I get out of this line… This is water.

Rice-A-Roni and a Win

For the next two weeks I’ll be in the San Francisco area, which means blog posts will be more sporadic and infrequent until the 24th or so. It’s vacation time! I intend to see all that San Fran has to offer, maybe meet up with some friends, and eventually heading up the coast to the Redwood National Park. Maybe I’ll just do some picture blogging. I think I can handle that. No promises though.

So, probably like you, I think of Rice-A-Roni when I think of San Francisco. Well, that and clam chowder and Ghirardelli chocolate. But the point is, I was curious as to why it is the San Francisco treat. Well, once upon a time, an Italian immigrant named Domenico DeDomenico moved to San Francisco and had a bunch of kids who were friends with these Armenians who served a rice pilaf dish that inspired the rice macaroni combination. Add a little chicken broth, bada bing, bada boom: Rice-A-Roni. It was one of those “I came to this country with $5 in my pocket and created this food empire” stories. Aaaaaaah, good ol’ American dreams.

So it really is the San Francisco treat. I probably still won’t eat any while I’m there though.

Okay, and now for the win. No, not that kind of win. Trust me, when I’ve accomplished that win, I’ll use the big font.

Like this!

My friend and likely many of yours as well, Emmie Mears has gotten together with a bunch of cool peeps to for the Searching for Superwomen blog, where geek girls get their geek on. They’re inviting everyone to contribute, male or female, when it comes to talking about showcasing superhero women, girl heroes, and addressing remaining attitudes of feminism in media today. I encourage you to check it out.

Searching for Superwomen

The part where the win comes in, is they recently had a design contest where contestants were invited to design the header, Twitter, Facebook, etc. profile pics. And yours truly, was the winner. 😀


What did winning include? Oh, a little Amazon cash, and goodies like a Walking Dead comic. Plus a chance to get a little more of my designs out there. Who knows, I may want to freelance a bit in the future. 🙂

Check out the Twitter account and Facebook page to see more of my designs and definitely stop by the Searching for Superwomen blog to check out great articles and maybe see if you want to contribute one yourself in the future.

Next time we meet, I’ll be broadcasting from San Fran, hopefully with awesome pics (or maybe if there’s an incidental plane ride along the way).

Did you know about Rice-A-Roni? Have you been to San Fran? Any places you’d recommend I see or go to eat? Can you catch all of the geek references in my banner design?