What the Deja Vu?

I decided to go with a Daily Post prompt today and so glad I did. Here’s the prompt:

Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having?

I have deja vu a lot, but it’s really freaky because sometimes the deja vu comes from my dreams, like I already dreamed about the experience I’m having. Is that dream-ja vu?

I’ve even had dreams where I recall old dreams in the new dreams. It really makes me wish I could control them, like they do in Inception. I’ve heard you can get a bit more lucid in your dreams, but it takes some serious effort and training. Well, not as hard-core as I’m making it sound. But essentially you’ve got to first start remembering your dreams which means writing them down right after you wake—even if it’s in the middle of the night. That’s problem A for me as when I’m half asleep it’s hard for me to do anything but go back to sleep.

Once you remember your dreams well, then you have to start somehow willing yourself into them, figuring out that they are a dream. Does that make the dream collapse? Who knows? I have been semi-lucid in my dreams before, however, so I know it’s possible. I knew it was a dream and decided to take the scene in a different direction. I’ve done this more than once, but it’s still quite rare.

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