Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 30th

I was thinking I’d get a ton of stuff done yesterday, but then remembered I’d purchased tickets for a Halloween concert downtown AND a little table I’d ordered showed up and needed assembling.


Isn’t it cute? It’s sooo compact, which is great for the tiny amount of space my kitchen has available for any sort of table. I was actually fine without one, since I tend to eat in front of the TV anyway, but then I remembered sometimes I like to sew and sewing on the floor just isn’t going to happen. I love this little table though. It’s perfect and the fact that it’s a space saver is even better.



Finish line edits on SHADE. Progress made! I’m 80% finished with this bad boy and I’m hoping to crank the last 20% out just before NaNo. That way I can really relax and know Shade 1 is all polished while I’m making Shade 2. This will happen. I’m determined!!!

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I think this will take the NaNo schedule to get me back onto the commute schedule. Hopefully next week I’ll have something to report.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline is decent. I’m trying to figure out whether a certain event I want to happen is too large and needs to get pushed back to a Book 3 or if I can still include it. The trouble is I’m not sure what to do between the “now” of the book and that event. I want to include a certain character that at this point makes more sense logistically if she weren’t there, but story wise makes no sense for her to “disappear.” I know I’ll figure it out, it’s just frustrating with a deadline. Maybe this is good practice for industry deadlines in the future.

NaNoWriMo Challenge. Coming in 2 days.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

A little more from the short story I gave you last week. I’ve tentatively titled this Yellow Rubber Bowls. It’s a flash fiction piece I need to do something with eventually.

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Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 23rd

I’ve been lazily preparing for NaNo, cuz shoot honey, I got all the time in the world. At least that was my attitude until I realized next week is the last week of October. Gah! Time to get on it. I really think NaNo will be good for me because my writing time  has been super spotty lately. Now I’ll have a daily goal to meet and it’s probably something I should be doing regularly anyway.

If I ever taught a creative writing class, NaNo would definitely be a part of it. Plus doesn’t that work as a fabulous class? Take September to talk about form and structure. Take October to make them do all the prep work for NaNo. Take December to go over lessons learned and a little editing. Then the next semester could be all about polishing. Some day, people. Some day.


Finish line edits on SHADE. Progress made. I’m 1/3 of the way through the book. This is where that focus needs to come in. But I know there won’t be time during November, so hopefully that gives me the motivation to move quickly on this. I intend to use this evening to bust through a few more chapters.

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I’ve got to get my schedule together for this to happen. It’s coming.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline is coming along, but as I said above, I’ve really got to put effort into this since there’s about a week and a half left before November….

NaNoWriMo Challenge. Coming in 9 days.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

Well, I have no more Clemmings to give you. But I do have some short stories I could excerpt from. Feedback is always appreciated. 🙂 This is a flash fiction piece, but sorry, you don’t get the full thing today.

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Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 16th

The exciting news is I got a washer and dryer. For $80 even. How I do love the online classifieds here! *sigh* My apartment is coming together. Yes. Well, that and I have the internet all set up. The internet is all that really matters. As long as I have my Netflix, every little thing gonna be all right. I love you Netflix!!!

Okay, but onto the other things. The Row80 things and the WIPpet things. I’ve finally got my act together and threw together some goals. Some are new, some are a continuation of old goals. Can I accomplish them all? Who knows? The point is to set them and SEEEEEEEEE!


Finish line edits on SHADE. This one should be short. Once I get to it, it should be over in a few days. It’s just my last bit of perfectionism on the book before I call it good and work on other things more full time.

Read at least 2 new books. This seems like a low goal, but hey, if I accomplish this I can always read more. We can always, always read more. Reading more is never a problem. 😉

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline, outline, outline. Character arcs, plots, themes, whathaveyou. I’ve already started on this and like where it’s going. Hopefully all this prep work will make NaNo a fun, though challenging ride.

NaNoWriMo Challenge. I’ve set the goal for 70,000. Based on how I tend to write, that should be easily accomplished overall, just not sure about a month. And I need to read up on NaNo rules and see what exactly all of this entails. But once November hits, this will be the forefront of my focus. I’ll be crafting the sequel for SHADE.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. Another easy goal of sorts. I’ll either do this when I need a break in October or get to it in December. NaNo will gobble up November I’m sure. Then maybe I’ll post excerpts for WIPpet Wednedsay.

And I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I still want to read Chekhov short stories and give Clemmings some attention. Maybe we’ll call those bonus goals. But it feels like there’s enough going on for now, so THEMS THE GOALS.

WIPpet Wednesday

All right people. Moment of truth. Here comes the final portion of the excerpt I’ve been promising. For those who didn’t catch last week’s, be sure to read up here and maybe search for my previous WIPpets if you really don’t want to be left behind. There’s no going back now. Spoilers are a coming and they’re a coming strong. What will Jade do? What will Alice do? Oh the humanity!

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WIP Wednesday Oct 9th

I think Row80 started up again. I’ll have to look into it and set some new goals again. Honestly with my move I haven’t done jack. Well, I did set up the TV. Priorities people. Priorities!

WIPpet Wednesday

And speaking of priorities, of course I made time for WIPpet Wednesday. I was going to post a major spoiler today, but I think I’ll save that for next week. And the excerpt was way too long, so I’m splitting it in half. But be prepared for next week. Major spoiler is coming. Here’s the build up to that event.

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WIP Wednesday Oct 2nd

Well, I moved into a new place. I’ll post pics when I have it altogether. The living room is looking good. I’m the type that feels a bit more serenity if one of the rooms looks clean and ready. It’s like my oasis in the midst of chaos.

But thankfully it’s WIPpet Wednesday, a bright ray of sunshine in the midst of stress. 🙂

WIPpet Wednesday

No new progress on Clemmings, but I’ve still got enough for a little excerpt. This happened just prior to last week’s excerpt. Poor Jade leaves Alice alone for one minute and then….

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