Welcome to Job’s Apartment

I moved into a new place I thought would be fabulous. I mean two bedrooms all to myself? Hollllaaaa! And it was the first time I was able to decorate a place just the way I wanted it, rather than be the semi-welcome guest in someone else’s place.


So why do I call it Job’s apartment when it should be called Jae’s apartment? For those who don’t know, Job is a dude in the Bible who used to live a happening life until all the worst possible things happened to him all at once. Granted, I’m still living a better life than poor Job, but still, but STILL!

The day I move in, part of the heating is broken. There are baseboard heaters in each room, but the broken one is in the living room. Okay, no biggie. I’ll just wear a few extra layers. At least the rest of the place is warm. They’ve promised to fix it, so a few days isn’t a big deal, right? (Or as it turns out a few weeks).

Did I mention the toilet also doesn’t work well? Flushing is a best out of three kind of game. Sometimes best out of five. This was also promised to be fixed and/or replaced. Remember this phrase: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you’re not complaining constantly, you’re not getting things done—or replaced.

So when it reached best out of ten I wrote a very angry note very angrily and within the day it was fixed. Mind you, this was a full month of putting up with this. How I made it that long, I’ll never know. And part of me wishes they hadn’t fixed it in a sense, because then I could break the contract legally.

But let’s continue…

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Frustrating Can Be Good

Yesterday morning I discovered my driver’s side window was busted. Well, it’s not like it was a total surprise. While up in the frozen tundra of Idaho, I tried to roll down said window, but because it was so cold the window was frozen in place and the machine continued on rolling. Anyway, of all the windows to break that’s the one I MUST have, so I took it into a shop.

Unfortunately nearly everyone including the BFF is out of town for the holidays, so I had to catch the bus, which also unfortunately is a brisk 15 minute walk from the shop. Mind, it’s been blizzarding here non-stop because of the boot fiasco (I have this curse making it impossible to buy any boots. They’re either out of stock, too small, too big, or most recently get damaged before they got shipped and happen to be the last pair…..) I’m walking in my work shoes, not super conducive to snow.

Charlie Brown Snow

But I knew I was in for this, so I sucked it up and walked, grinning at the other unfortunate souls as we passed each other by walking in the blizzard. I prayed super hard that I wouldn’t miss the bus (as it takes 15 minutes for the next one to roll by). Just as I was getting close to the stop, it rolled by me. Ack! Fortunately the kind lady on the bus thought I might be wanting to get on and waited at the stop.

It’s odd how you don’t realize how cold you are until you’re blasted with heat. I sat back in my chair, grateful I wasn’t walking out in the blizzard anymore. And the bus stops right outside my complex, so any further chill would be short-lived.

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