Meeting Notes 09

I know, today probably should have been a things i love post, and I promise one is coming, but I needed a little extra time to prepare a fabulous Friday Flix post for you all. I’m reviewing Skyfall. It should prove interesting and I’m sure some of you will disagree with me, but at least you’ll understand why I came to the conclusions I did.

Onto the meeting notes.

jae scribbles

I couldn’t think of what I wanted to draw. Often the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, but I was bored with that, so I glanced out the window and decided to draw one of the buildings in the distance. Then because we have fabulous mountains around here, I scribbled on those next. And then for some odd reason, this weird turtle popped into my head. It was a longish meeting, but it’s strange how well I can pay attention when I’m doodling and it satisfies the ADD kid rampaging around in my brain.

I’m curious though, do some of you ever go off to story creating land when you’re bored with something that’s happening? If I’m stuck in really boring conversation I can’t escape from physically, I do it mentally, creating new scenes or rewriting old ones in my head. Sometimes when I’m on the train not reading I spend a lot of time working through my story mentally.

What do you do when you’re bored? Do you ever daydream about your story and when does it usually occur if you do? If you have to be in meetings for work, how do you survive them?

Tomorrow, the sky falls. 😉