Meeting Notes 11

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It’s been a long while since I went to a meeting (thankfully) but sometimes they must happen, and here was the product of that time. I think some of it needs explanation.

Let’s start with the obvious. I got the first season of Adventure Time on DVD, so Jake and Finn were certainly on the brain a lot all last week. Jake was tough, because I was doing this all from memory, but Finn is easy peasy.

At the top, you may have noticed the Fairy Especially. This was inspired by Kate’s Engrish post. I was still giggling after reading it and tried to draw something that she and her husband summoned after reading the back of a crazy Engrish doll’s package. (Seriously, if that’s not enough enticement to get over to her blog, there’s something wrong with you).

And of course the rock guitar represents all the rock n’ roll that happened over the weekend as I finally found time to pick up my least good brand Fender guitar (Squier). Hey, it was cheap and it sounds great. Works for me.

Thank goodness I have something to keep me sane in long boring meetings. I have brainstormed for stories before, but I find doodling both distracts you and oddly enough, keeps you paying attention.

What do you think? Did I get Finn and Jake spot on? Did the Fairy Especially visit you after you read the incantation? What do you do during boring meetings or even boring conversation?

Meeting Notes 02

I call this one, Monster, Monster in the Night.  But he’s friendly, never fear.  Most monsters are just misunderstood.  Zombies especially.  Read this personal perspective written by zombie Unt Nahs over on Shantnu’s blog.

This mediocre haiku is inspired by Unt Nahs.  This one goes out to you Unt!

Misunderstood me,
People fear the flesh rotten,
And brains I may eat.

Monster, monster in the night, did not bode well for you that fight...

Monster, monster in the night, did not bode well for you that fight…