Friday Flix: Sherlock

friday flix jae scribblesThe BBC is on fire lately with Steven Moffat in the mix among other things. I don’t think I even need to mention Doctor Who. And don’t get me started on Luther. We need Idris Elba to be James Bond like yesterday.

Idris isn’t sure either why he hasn’t been James Bond yet…

But we’re not here to talk about what handsome man should play James Bond, we’re here to talk about a detective. This detective.

Now let me make it clear that I have no problem whatsoever with the RDJ movies. Apples and oranges, baby. I’m not going to play the which is better than what game because we all know Jude Law pulls off a better mustache than Martin Freeman and even though Freeman is shorter, I’m pretty sure he could take Law in a fight. Strengths to both. Besides, am I really going to hate anything this man is in?


Okay, but what we all gathered here to do today, despite my fangirl ADD episodes, is to talk about what Cumberbatch and Freeman are doing with the characters and the answer is PURE AWESOMENESS!

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Friday Flix: The Hobbit

friday flix jae scribblesI think I’ve waited long enough for most of you to see the Hobbit, so spoilers will probably be included. But let’s face it. This story is already available in book form from forever ago, so the way it turns out is probably no surprise to most of you either. For those who missed the whole Lord of the Rings phenomenon because they were away checking to see if the moon or Mars could be colonized, here’s what has as the description for the movie:

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on an “unexpected journey” to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.

I guess this is technically accurate, since this is what the story is about. A better description would be:

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, meets a bunch of obnoxious dwarves who talk about some stupid dragon you won’t get to really see and a mountain they’re probably not going to enter until the third movie. But Martin Freeman is in it, so spend the money and go see this movie.

I should note, I don’t have a problem with the story of the Hobbit. I LOVED that book as a kid, and if anything the movie made me want to snatch up my copy and read it again (if not encourage me to go re-watch the available episodes of Sherlock). What I have a problem with is the presentation of the story. Hold on tight, Peter Jackson die-hards, let’s go for a ride.

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