Meeting Notes 09

I know, today probably should have been a things i love post, and I promise one is coming, but I needed a little extra time to prepare a fabulous Friday Flix post for you all. I’m reviewing Skyfall. It should prove interesting and I’m sure some of you will disagree with me, but at least you’ll understand why I came to the conclusions I did.

Onto the meeting notes.

jae scribbles

I couldn’t think of what I wanted to draw. Often the first thing that comes to mind is flowers, but I was bored with that, so I glanced out the window and decided to draw one of the buildings in the distance. Then because we have fabulous mountains around here, I scribbled on those next. And then for some odd reason, this weird turtle popped into my head. It was a longish meeting, but it’s strange how well I can pay attention when I’m doodling and it satisfies the ADD kid rampaging around in my brain.

I’m curious though, do some of you ever go off to story creating land when you’re bored with something that’s happening? If I’m stuck in really boring conversation I can’t escape from physically, I do it mentally, creating new scenes or rewriting old ones in my head. Sometimes when I’m on the train not reading I spend a lot of time working through my story mentally.

What do you do when you’re bored? Do you ever daydream about your story and when does it usually occur if you do? If you have to be in meetings for work, how do you survive them?

Tomorrow, the sky falls. 😉

Thank You times 100!

Last week Lit and Scribbles hit 100 followers! I’m so humbled to have reached this point and when I think over the last several months of blogging, what has made it worthwhile is hearing from all of you. Thanks for bringing me to this point.

So, in Scribbles tradition, I’m saying thank you in the form of comics. Now believe me, drawing all 100+ of you in comic form did cross my mind, but… well, I’m human and it takes me forever! So I took the top commenters plus a few other peeps I’ve interacted with a lot recently and transformed you. I mostly used your profile pics for inspiration, but on some of you I added a little personalization where I could. I hope you enjoy it. As my gift to you, feel free to use your comic self for your own blog or other purposes.

And now, a thank you from Jae.

Brian TaylorBrian Taylor. Let’s start with Brian over at Descent into Slushland. Brian and I became acquainted in the beginning of Lit and Scribbles days. He’s the type of blogger friend that makes all this blogging madness worthwhile. We constantly encourage each to succeed and keep becoming better writers. I’ve gotten valuable and very honest feedback from him—something that if you want to grow as a writer you have to be brave enough to face. But it was never done with malice, which is probably why I had no problem receiving it.

Brian is always the music master. If  you’re ever looking for a specific type of song, he’s the man to come to. He does Songs of the Week on his blog if you’re ever in search of new music or just good music in general. He also offers writing advice and great posts on encouragement and fortitude in writing. Be sure to check him on out Descent into Slushland. Thanks Brian for all of your help and encouragement!

Daphne Shadows. Daphne I think I met via Brian and sometimes I think of us as the Three Amigos. (Daphne, I think you’re Ned, Brian, I think we could switch back and forth between Lucky and Dusty.) I drew Daphne in her PJs with a book because I like to think that she attempts to go to sleep, but ends up reading instead. She’s got a great passion for writing and when she does blog posts there’s a refreshing kind of honesty in them. Her story ideas are amazing and I think if she keeps up her motivation in becoming an author she’ll one day realize that dream. Check Daphne’s blog out at Daphne Shadows. Thanks Daphne for just being you!

Mystic Cooking
Mystic Cooking aka Kati and Heidi. These two fabulous ladies I met at the Backspace Writers Conference in NYC as fellow YA writers. Our YA group in general was fantastic! One of the best parts of that NYC trip was heading to Max Brenner’s and eating way too much chocolate. But it was soooo good! These sisters are co-writing a novel called Mystic Cooking, which I think is an amazing cooperative feat—I think co-writing anything would be tough. Mystic Cooking’s novel premise is enticing and I’m sure one day we’ll see it on bookshelves and Kindles everywhere. Glad you two are on the blogosphere! Check out what Kati and Heidi are up to on their Mystic Cooking blog.

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2000 Hits and Going Strong

This has been a day long anticipated.  My little fledgling blog I wasn’t sure was going to go anywhere has finally stepped out into the light.  I’m hoping the stone will keep on rolling, getting stronger, and I owe all my thanks to you guys for bringing me here.

So, as my way of showing my appreciation, I’ve decided to leave you filled to the brim with scribbles from the greatest hits of my 50+ posts thusfar.  Let’s get back together at 5,000 for another party shall we?  Thanks again for making this possible!

jae scribbles 2000

Welcome to the 2000 hits party. Red punch, white cookies, and mint candy are in the back.

But please, follow my book cover advice. I don’t think I can take it anymore with sub-par covers!

Amazing how fast time flies, isn’t it? Six months of blogging already and in some ways it still feels like day one…

All right, enough of these quips. For my 2000 hits celebration, give me your advice you blog pros. What do you do to get the word out about your blog? What attracts you to a blog? What puts you off? Anything you’d like to see in the future?

Thanks again!