Monday’s Writerly Quote

I have a blogging friend some of you may know. Daphne. And currently Daphne is stuck in what she has named Hotel Hell. Her family got evicted from their apartment and while searching for another, they’re basically all crammed together in a small room.

But you know what I think? Daphne is the sort of person that encompasses this quote below, and I just know her trying experience at Hotel Hell will one day turn into bestseller material.

The quote from Terry Brooks:

Fiction writers are strange beasts. They are, like all writers, observers first and foremost. Everything that happens to and around them is potential material for a story, and they look at it that way.

I think, we too, should look at life’s trying moments as adventures or at least fodder for future stories. After all, we have to pull from our own experiences to give our stories the depth they need. Call it the positivity in me, if you must, but I really believe there’s lemonade to be made of any situation. And you can even add mint to make it extra delicious.

So make minty lemonade my friends, and then stick it in your stories.

Have you had a difficult time in your past that you draw upon for your stories? Do you see everything around you as potential material for a story? Where do you get most of your inspiration?