Manic Monday

Life is still heaps of craziness, but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. This video comes via Feeling less than impressed by Hollywood movies these days? Gawker says the 3 minutes of this commercial is more powerful than anything coming from the big studios. What do you think?

The Oscars Are a Sham

oscars suck

Let me qualify that statement. My major in college was film, debating between screenwriting as my career path or production (either in art or assistant directing). I worked on a few student projects and one feature film before deciding I liked having a social life and hobbies and gave that stuff up.

You see, the thing is, the glamor in making movies is saying that you make movies. That’s it. Love 16-hour days, bratty diva actors/actresses, and barely getting home in time to fall into bed before you have to get out of it again and go work on a movie? Then this is the career for you.

That’s not to say I completely hate it. Making movies is hard work, but it’s a lot of fun, too. It’s just that becomes your whole life. Period. And a Jae needed a little more time to breathe creative air elsewhere.

So I should love the Oscars, right? Those are my peeps. Well, sort of. It’s not really the grips, gaffers, PAs, 1st ADs and art babies that get under my skin. It’s the self-absorbed set-dressing plastic people they calls stars that bother me, and all the attitude that comes with them.


Let me ‘splain something that some of you probably didn’t know. Why is the Oscars the most prestigious award show you can think of? No really. Why is that? Because it’s glamorous? Because all the stars are there? Because you want to see who wins what for best what?

Who decides on all of that? You? Ha! Not hardly. Trust me when I say a large chunk of Hollywood-ites can hardly stand the thought you exist. (I’m included in this mix, so we can feel insulted together). Perhaps ticket sales? Nope. Once again, you’ve got to take Y-O-U completely out of the equation. Well, then who does decide?


This guy. And this girl. And that lady. And him. And that other guy. They decide. They vote on each other and each other’s movies. Movie-going audiences never play into it. If you’ve ever come away from an Oscars wondering how such-and-such won best picture, it’s because these divas picked it—often for personal agendas, favors paid back or political agendas.

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