Meeting Notes 07

Recently I’ve gotten into the show Alphas thanks to the recommendation of a friend.  It’s been interesting watching new shows/movies lately since I’ve been hyper-focused on story because I pick up on story flaws a lot faster than before.  Unfortunately Alphas is riddled with them.

For the first several episodes the cast’s performances seem very stilted, dialogue feels forced, as do relationships.  It’s an odd sensation when you realize the writers are trying to force you to accept a romantic interest or a friendship they haven’t actually laid the groundwork for.  Most readers/viewers would skip over this if they have enough vested interest in one of the main characters.

The only reason I keep watching is for Ryan Cartwright‘s character Gary.  He’s an autistic man with the ability to see signals and frequencies and tap into them.  They often touch on the subject of autism, hinting at the case that perhaps we don’t understand it as well as we should, all the while promoting that autistic or any sort of ‘disabled’ individual has value too.  I haven’t seen that so often in media, so that in addition to Gary kept me plowing through to the end of the first season.  But without Gary, I’d have quit less than 20 minutes in to episode one.

Anyway, since this is Meeting Notes, during a meeting I drew this.  These are the characters I found the most interesting, the most starting at the right going to the left:

alphas jae scribbles

hidden from the world,
thoughts clear and minds quite brilliant,
little do we know.

What about you?

Have you watched or read anything lately where you noticed the writers were trying to force you to feel a certain way?  Or that they hoped you would feel a certain way or accept a plot twist without laying the proper groundwork?