Friday Flix: The Decoy Bride

friday flix jae scribblesAnd we’re back with another edition of Friday Flix. I considered doing this post on Valentine’s Day, but comics demanded they had their place and since it was Thursday at that time anyway, well… Here we are.

Today we’re featuring, The Decoy Bride, starring Kelly Macdonald, Alice Eve, and of course David Tennant. Yeah, I think a lot of us would watch a movie just because David Tennant was in it. So, I did.

The description from

When the world’s media descend on the remote Scottish island where a Hollywood actress is attempting to get married, a local girl is hired as a decoy bride to put the paparazzi off the scent.


That should be obvious, shouldn’t it? David Tennant. And he uses his Doctor Who accent. And he does a fantastic job with his character. Plus I loved a certain scene where he ends up “playing” the bagpipes. It might be worth it just for that.

Our heroine, Katie (Kelly Macdonald), is also quite hilarious as awkward small-town girl. You might recognize her voice from Brave. Anyway, it seems they wrote most of the script for her—at least in that she has some great awkward girl moments that will make you both squirm and laugh.

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My Fantasy Circle of Five

circle of five

My friend Emmie Mears recently posted about this quote, something she found on WordPress:

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

But she gave it a twist. Since she’s a writer, she turned that into which five people from fantasy worlds would she like to spend her time with. Check out her answers here.

I think this makes for a great writers post, so I’m turning it into a tagging post, mostly because there’s some people whose answers I’d like to hear. But first, here’s my fantasy circle of five.


David-Tennant-as-Doctor-WhoI’m sure some of you guessed it. Why, the Doctor of course! And not just any Doctor, but the David Tennant Doctor in particular. I’ve always, always, ALWAYS wanted to time travel as well as space travel and with the Doctor you can do both. I’d want him to park the TARDIS right on the ring of Saturn and open the door so I could see it up close. I’d probably make him do that with every planet in our galaxy, and then, anything and everything. Besides, if he’s 900+ years old, there’s a lot I’d like to ask him about.

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