things i love: Asian Kung Fu Generation

thingsiloveIt’s been a long while since I did a things i love post. For those of you unfamiliar with the things i love posts, all you have to do is write about things you love and pingback to this post or the original post to let us know you’ve written one. It is my belief that we can learn a lot about each other and the world by sharing the things we love. Feel free to use the graphic if you decide to do a post.


One of my favorite J-Rock bands, and possibly band period, of all times is Asian Kung Fu Generation. (It’s a hard call between them and The Pillows). They go by Ajikan for short in Japan.

What do I love about them? Several things, the most obvious being their music. Some lyrics I’ve looked up and some I understand, but they’ve got a great beat and I love listening to them. My favorite song of theirs is called Re: Re: and it’s best in its live version.

Another thing I love about Ajikan is their cover art. It’s just got a fantastical feel to it that I love. I end up buying their actual albums (vs. mp3) because I love seeing the art so much. Check out some of my favorites.

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