Meeting Notes 06

I know, I’ve been fairly absent on the blog, but when you’re in Hawaii and the beach is calling your name it’s far too difficult to sit down and write a blog post.  I don’t even know how I got two out of that vacation in the first place.

First day back at work I had a meeting.  It was good to catch up on things, but since I pay attention better when I’m doodling anyway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to scribble.  I’m sure you can guess where I wish I was.

Hawaii meeting notes

Yeah, I’m still wishing this is where I was…

And since I wouldn’t want to disappoint Shantnu, another mediocre haiku to accompany it.

as the sun retreats
gold ripples on gentle waves,
perfect paradise.

In the coming weeks for all you self-pubs out there, I plan to talk about cover design dos and don’ts.  But first I think I may post a little of the fun I had in Hawaii.  For now, I hope you enjoy the meeting note scribble.

Meeting Notes 05

I recently attended an Adobe Conference.  Doodling in the margins, however, did not begin until after I consumed a hearty chicken souvlaki lunch complete with lemon rice and fresh pita.  I felt like it was the half hour after Thanksgiving.  (Maybe the chicken was actually turkey!)

Why preface this way?  I wanted to let Adobe and anyone who instructed at said conference know it wasn’t because the material was boring, it was the threat of the food making me comatose at any moment.  Rather than falling asleep, I opted to doodle and still catch these valuable tips.  So, this pic may look a little hacked and slashed, since when they moved on in the workbook so did my doodles.

Note to Adobe Conference attenders: greek food + conference = sleepy time.  Go for Mexican food instead perhaps?


What could be better than a happy zombie celebrating his birthday with dogs, some fat kid and a magic R? Seriously?

And of course, mediocre haiku time.

dim vision drifts thoughts
with concoctions of comfort bring
Wynken, Blynken, Nod.

Meeting Notes 04

It’s been a fairly productive week for me novel-wise.  It’s nice to be headed in a good direction.  To top that productive week off, I thought a scribble was in order.

I crave candy ALL the time.  (Good thing I hit the gym to offset it).  So, often when I’m doodling and thinking of candy, scribbles like these come to the forefront.  I also kind of like to draw friendly monsters.  (Don’t worry, the monsters are interested in the candy, not the little girl.  And you never know, she just might be the craziest monster of them all.  Anyone read Invincible?  You know what I’m talking about).

And of course it wouldn’t be a meeting notes session without a mediocre haiku.  The scribble made me think of one of my favorite movies of all time.  Can you guess what it is?

time abounds, sights lack
stated, stricken, and reversed
musicmakers we

What about you?  Are you a candy-craving maniac?

Meeting Notes 03

I know, you were expecting more Backspace Conference Notes, and they are coming, I promise. I just wanted to break it up a little with a lighter post in between.

So the other day while in a meeting (where else), I was thinking back on my trip to New York. One of the stops I made was to the Hook & Ladder Company 8 building.

Why you ask? Okay, seriously, you don’t know what this is? When there’s something strange in the neighborhood… Yes! The Ghostbusters building! (Most of the best movies came from the ’80s. I dare you to challenge me on that.)

Well, I remembered Bill Murray spinning in a park by a fountain, and then what Ghostbusters scribble would be complete without Slimer?

So without further ado, the scribble.  And of course, in case my buddy Shantnu was worried, another mediocre haiku.

Monster in the fridge,
Nice ladies pay in advance,
Then dogs they become.

By the way, anyone remember this show?

Meeting Notes 02

I call this one, Monster, Monster in the Night.  But he’s friendly, never fear.  Most monsters are just misunderstood.  Zombies especially.  Read this personal perspective written by zombie Unt Nahs over on Shantnu’s blog.

This mediocre haiku is inspired by Unt Nahs.  This one goes out to you Unt!

Misunderstood me,
People fear the flesh rotten,
And brains I may eat.

Monster, monster in the night, did not bode well for you that fight...

Monster, monster in the night, did not bode well for you that fight…