Row80 January 21st

Okay, finally back in the game. Seriously, I can say thanks enough to Row80 for existing to keep me on task for accomplishing things. I think I would fall into super lazy mode otherwise. I think it’s just this time of the year. Too cold to ride my bike and skiing is snow dependent. 😉


I haven’t yet stated my Row80 goals, so here they be, whether overly ambitious or not, I’m still gonna give it a go.

Outline the rest of Codename Clemmings. I need to turn this novelette into a novel. I think it has great potential, but originally I only saw it as a novelette, so it’s been doing nothing after 5 chapters. I’ve had some vague ideas, but I haven’t really put in the effort. Time to make it so.

Finish “The Fire in Fiction” and read two fiction books.  I don’t know why TFIF just wasn’t happening for me, but that’s what another Row80 is for. I also have a few unread books on my Kindle for the fiction option I should be able to cram in. Last time I got three fiction books in with a goal of one, so certainly I can make two.

Write Codename Clemmings. I want to get a first draft off. Preferably a semi-edited draft, but a full draft in some form. I think this is possible considering I’ve already got the first 5 chapters and this is a YA.

Do writing exercises at least once a week. I got a few writing exercises from a forum at a conference and I believe they’ve already strengthened my writing with what little I’ve used them. I want every story I write to be even better than the last one and I want my skill to continuously improve. I never want to become one of those writers that gets lazy just because they’ve made it. I want my readers to keep coming back because they know I’m putting in my best efforts for them and for it to show. That takes practice. So writing exercises. Once a week. Yep.

BONUS GOALS: # 1 Get five chapters in to my Codename BFF project. If I’m hoping to accomplish the above goals, this may not be possible, but that’s why they’re BONUS goals. 😉

#2 Plot out a screenplay. This is really shooting for the moon here, but just a plot session might be possible. I did major in film in school and this short series project keeps coming to my mind. Plus I have friends in the independent biz and if it turns out clever I might be able to get them interested. But can’t do any of that without getting the idea out first, right?

Okay, go ambition, go! Still, remembering what I accomplished last session I think many of these things are possible. How are you coming on your goals already? Or have you also just started with new ones?


9 thoughts on “Row80 January 21st

  1. “I want every story I write to be even better than the last one and I want my skill to continuously improve. I never want to become one of those writers that gets lazy just because they’ve made it.”

    ^Amen to that!

    I liked TFIF, but have spent a year trying to get into “Writing 21st Century Fiction” and still can’t do it. Same author, right? O.o

    • I enjoyed his “Writing the Breakout Novel.” It was the literary version of STORY by Robert McKee. I did find McKee’s to be just slightly more interesting. Big stinking book, but worth a read.

      Awesome. Let us both commit to each other never to be lazy writers. Our readers deserve our best. 🙂

  2. I would totally watch something you scripted! And a full force Clemmings novel? I remember the WIPpets you shared of that… Oh, that will be awesome!!!!

    I hope your goals see an honorable death at your hands. Glad to have you on board this round of ROW80! 😀

    • Thanks!

      I hope Clemmings will get more awesome. I need a deeper than high school pranks sort of plot. I have a working one, but I don’t know if it’s too complex. That’s what the goals are for, forcing me to get it out on paper so I can see where I need to go.

  3. Hi Jae! I’m glad to see that you’re still writing. Good luck meeting these goals! This week, I finally finished a first draft of my third full manuscript (82,000 words). I kept myself on target by making sure I wrote at least 300 new words a day. Thankfully, I usually ended up writing much more than that.

  4. This is such a great community – helps keep me motivated as well. Sounds like some awesome goals that you’ve outlined – all the best on achieving them this round. Loved your comment on growing as a writer – something I try as well with each book I write.

  5. Great goals! I don’t have any specific goals, but I am trying to read more non-fiction, including more books on craft. And I’m working on developing a more consistent early morning writing practice. I got up early today…but then here I am, reading blogs, so still a work in progress. 😉 Still, this sort of counts, right? I mean, I AM looking at writing blogs.

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