Row80 Dec 3rd

lake powellOne thing I would definitely recommend putting on your bucket list is a flight over Monument Valley down at the Utah/Arizona border. The company I did it with is out of Page, AZ. They fly over Lake Powell first (pictured above) and then take you on to Monument Valley. Worth every penny. And as you can see, you can get some pretty spectacular photos up there. This I took with a Samsung S4 (a camera phone).


And now onto Row80. What did I accomplish this week?

Finish outlining Book 2. ACCOMPLISHED.

Read “The Fire in Fiction” and one fiction book. Progress! I have not read much more of The Fire in Fiction but I did finish Supernaturally, book two in the Paranormalcy series. It’s an easy YA read, very much aimed at teen girls, but still a lot of fun. A lot of the book is connected with faeries, and these particular ones are a lot like those found in Patrick Rothfuss fantasy books. It’s definitely piqued my interest. Perhaps one day I’ll write a story about these kinds of faeries as well.

Rework Book 2. Progress. Getting there. Getting there. I have 28-ish chapters and I’m to 18 with revisions. Although I think I could probably combine a couple of chapters. I think most of these are pretty short (like 6 pages). Anyways, been weaving in some new stuff that’s made the book a whole lot more interesting. Once I get it to a place I’m mostly satisfied with, off to beta readers with it.

BONUS GOALS: # 1 Write at least one short story. No new progress.

#2 Do further plotting for Codename Clemmings. No new progress.

Not sure the bonus goals are going to happen. But I always feel like setting goals and falling short is better than floundering around. I will definitely need a break from the SHADE world once Book 2 is finished.

I’d really like to attend another writers conference in 2015 as well. It’s been hard to plan for anything lately, but I may just sign up anyway. (They issue refunds). I like the energy and comradery that comes in being around other writers. Plus I’m always interested in getting feedback on my stuff. And there is always valuable information to be gained from forums.

Do you attend writers conferences? If not, why not? What do you find to be the most helpful to you in attending writers conferences? And how are your own personal goals coming?


6 thoughts on “Row80 Dec 3rd

  1. Beautiful picture. I’ve never gone to a writer’s conference due to time and having no idea where they are in my area. There’s also the issue that I’ve been told by other locals that such events aren’t for indie authors. So I’m not really sure what I would do there even if I could make the time.

    • I don’t know that that is true (about indie authors). I think it depends on the conference, but a lot of people will have a place where their book is for sale. For you, I think a local conference would be interested because you’ve been pretty successful as an indie author and a lot of newbies might be interested in that same path aka you could do a panel. Not only does it give you authenticity in those circles, you can use that as an opportunity to promote your work. Just a thought. 😉

      • I’ll go looking for them. The closest thing I’ve ever found (at least in my price range in terms of table cost) is in Upstate NY at my old college. That’s only in April too. I think the conferences are the hardest part for some authors. I’m more into the computer networking and just writing the books, so I’m always a stuttering idiot when I try anything public.

  2. Breathtaking pic there Jae. Writers’ conferences? I’ve been to Winchester (England) the last two years and they’ve been a great experience. However they’ve also showed me that the future in professional writing is with younger, energetic writers. So, no more conferences but just enjoying writing for its own sake.

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