Row80 Nov 12th

tetonsThis is a little late in coming, but better late than never. The view you have here is of the Grand Tetons from Jackson Lake Lodge during the Fall. I love this part of Wyoming more than anything else.

We were lucky enough later on in the day to see two moose wandering around out in the fields. The Jackson/Teton area is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I suppose after I’ve visited all of the world, I’ll report in again and tell you if I still think this is the same. 😉


Row80 time. How am I measuring up?

Finish outlining Book 2. ACCOMPLISHED.

Read “The Fire in Fiction” and one fiction book. No New Progress. I really had anticipated making a lot more progress here, but without Row80 it would certainly be 0% instead of 5%. I’ll take whatever progress I can. I really just need to focus on reading instead of watching Korean dramas. 😛

Rework Book 2. Progress. Still making lots of progress here. The story is really taking on a life of its own. I make a plan with my outline, but sometimes in the midst of writing it goes in its own direction. I’ve uncovered things I didn’t think of in the early stages. That’s why I try to be adaptable to the way my story involves. I still start out with a plan, but I allow for side trips wherever or whenver

BONUS GOALS: # 1 Write at least one short story. No new progress.

#2 Do further plotting for Codename Clemmings. No new progress.

I will be happy with where I am at once I get more reading in. What is it with life and occupying time you once had to do all these things. Seriously, I had all the time in the world when I was in high school and a bit more than now in college. I guess that’s the way it rolls sometimes. But the story is getting done, and I’m still pleased with how it’s going. I know I’ll need my trusty beta readers to help me do the final sculpting, but I’m a lot happier with where it’s ended up now. Ah, editing. It can be a pain, but also a great joy.

Do you often feel like life gets in the way? How do you just press on? When you write, are you all panster or are you like me with a lot of plotting allowing for side trips? Or must it all be done with an outline first no matter what?


4 thoughts on “Row80 Nov 12th

  1. What a beautiful place! I was there once as a kid, but I don’t remember much about that part of the trip. I’ll have to return someday.

    Congratulations on your progress!

  2. I love that view! What a nice part of the country… I’ll just have to visit someday 🙂 I think it’s cool that you have a bunch of different stories all running around at once. That’s the best form of creativity in my opinion, when a story takes a life of its own. Deadlines and goals are secondary. …usually 😉 best of luck!

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