Row80 Oct 29th


This picture is of Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. The orange cylinders are called hoodoos. Pictures never do this place justice. This particular scene always takes my breath away. I especially like this park because it’s great for all types. There are easy to access views as well as hikes for a closer view. It’s well worth putting on your bucket list.


Time for a Row80 update.

Finish outlining Book 2. FINISHED! I don’t know whether to call this finished or not. It’s an ongoing process in a way, but I think I’ve gotten it to where it needs to be. I’m gonna stick with accomplished.

Read “The Fire in Fiction” and one fiction book. No New Progress. I have no excuses for this, I just haven’t done this. I hope to repent of this for next week.

Rework Book 2. Progress. It’s funny how sometimes you abandon an idea only to come back to it later. I love watching the evolution of my stories. I enjoy rewrites and edits much more now because of that. I can’t wait to see how these changes ultimately effect the overall story. And I’m just glad it’s getting there.

BONUS GOALS: # 1 Write at least one short story. No new progress. Although it is a bonus goal, so whatevs.

#2 Do further plotting for Codename Clemmings. No new progress.

Sometimes only making progress in one area is really all that matters that particular week. I do wish I had read more, but I’m still proud of the progress I did make. And the beautiful thing about goals is you can always do better tomorrow. I’m good with this.

How are things going for you? Have you ever fallen short but found you were okay with it?


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