Spiders? Ick!

Last night I was over at a friend’s house for our weekly viewing of Farscape episodes. We both munched on a couple of Jimmy John’s #6, the veggie. I don’t know what it is about that sandwich, but I do love it. Not that I have a problem with meat.

Oh Jimmy John’s, how I am addicted to thee! *sigh*

Anyway, I stood up, and THANK goodness I did because the itsy bitsy spider climbed right up over the couch. Jae did a squeal and the spider ran down the couch.

Kind of felt like this. (@_@)

Of course in my mind when there isn’t a spider around, I totally think I’m like this.

And I do have the Batman-gonna-bring-some-hurt-on-this-spider spirit in me, cuz as much as those eight-legged critters make me squeal they make me kill. Kill immediately. KILL NOW!!!

Usually I flush them down the toilet for good measure, all the while saying in a pirate voice: “Say hi tar’ Davey Jones fer me ya filthy vermut!”

But what did my friend want to do? Catch it. CATCH IT?!?!

You people are INSANE! INSANE I tell YOU!

Okay, so she wanted to catch it to know if it was a brown recluse because those suckers are dangerous and it can be a bit of a problem. But still. Who wants to spend time messing with a spider that’s as quick as Speedy Gonzalez running all over the couch when it could be in the toilet and out of the house quicker than you can say “nuke the arachnids!”

Was it a recluse spider? We may never know. It’s not like spiders hold still when you have them captured in a jar. (Captured in a jar?! Nuke it, flush it, squish it, DESTROY IT!!!!!!)

They are watching and waiting for that moment when they can burst out of the jar and kill you.

One mistake.

That’s all they need.

Do you love spiders? Hate them? Have they ever interrupted a movie? Have they ever interrupted you period? How do you like to dispose of the devil’s spawn?

Jae NOTE: Okay, I hate spiders a lot, but I would never wish them completely gone. I know they kill a lot of things I don’t like. Mosquitos for instance. But that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

15 thoughts on “Spiders? Ick!

  1. Terrified of spiders. Not ashamed to admit that my wife handles those and she usually tries for a catch and release. Though the few times I’ve been told to handle it has involved blunt objects, water guns, dual flyswatters while wearing a fencing mask, and other incidents that are ‘overreacting’.

  2. I’m with you on the spiders. KILL THEM ALL (when they invade indoors).

    I’ve worked on my reaction to them over the years, however. I was more of the scream and tears hate (so not pretty). I now have “personal space” that spiders aren’t allowed in. But once they are in there I’m allowed to squeak and get teary eyed. πŸ˜‰

    • Geh… I frequently have this dream about going into my room and there are spiders EVERYWHERE, some dead, most alive, and I keep asking myself in my dream, WHY am I even coming in here?

      I find (unless they’re in my personal space, then it’s death) that little spiders I’m generally cool with. Like if I see one on the sidewalk or on a tree, I’m like, “Hey, keep up the good work. Kill those nasty bugs and eat well.” I could live and let live with spiders. They’ve just got to stay away from me and my house. This is why I could never live in like, say, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico. Visiting there, I mostly handled the reality that bugs and spiders are just crawling everywhere. But if I had to face that daily, nuclear explosion…

  3. Hate spiders! Ick! On the whil wheaton project he showed this cosplay that someone did that looked SO real..I have no idea why anyone would do that.
    This is random and off topic but I am back to blogging soon..yay..and I started a new blog with my husband thosewhogeek.com! We are talking Firefly and Buffy at some point on it..since I know you are fan πŸ™‚

  4. I’m with Daphne, to an extent. We save spiders and most bugs except mosquitos and carpenter ants. But I’m more like you Jae, all tough until I see a bug. Then I jump up, point, dance like a girly-girl, and squeal a little too, “get the bug cup!” I let the ‘bug catcher’ in our house do the dirty work while I stand far enough away to watch but no way near enough to get attacked by the critter should it escape the bug cup.

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