Welcome to Job’s Apartment

I moved into a new place I thought would be fabulous. I mean two bedrooms all to myself? Hollllaaaa! And it was the first time I was able to decorate a place just the way I wanted it, rather than be the semi-welcome guest in someone else’s place.


So why do I call it Job’s apartment when it should be called Jae’s apartment? For those who don’t know, Job is a dude in the Bible who used to live a happening life until all the worst possible things happened to him all at once. Granted, I’m still living a better life than poor Job, but still, but STILL!

The day I move in, part of the heating is broken. There are baseboard heaters in each room, but the broken one is in the living room. Okay, no biggie. I’ll just wear a few extra layers. At least the rest of the place is warm. They’ve promised to fix it, so a few days isn’t a big deal, right? (Or as it turns out a few weeks).

Did I mention the toilet also doesn’t work well? Flushing is a best out of three kind of game. Sometimes best out of five. This was also promised to be fixed and/or replaced. Remember this phrase: the squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you’re not complaining constantly, you’re not getting things doneβ€”or replaced.

So when it reached best out of ten I wrote a very angry note very angrily and within the day it was fixed. Mind you, this was a full month of putting up with this. How I made it that long, I’ll never know. And part of me wishes they hadn’t fixed it in a sense, because then I could break the contract legally.

But let’s continue…

Did I also mention the hot water lasts 5 minutes at best? Not the biggest problem, but people, I have so much hair. It’s ridiculous. It’s a chore to wash. I only wash it every other day because a) it’s super dry and b) it’s a chore to wash. My showers are long. And I needs the hot water to be equally as long.

Okay, no problem. I figured out how to turn up the temperature dial on the water heater. It’s scalding hot, but it lasts a little longer. I still have to be quicker than normal, but no biggie.

Did I mention the trouble with utilities? For one person in a 900 square foot place, who’s only paying for electricity, the bill should be ridiculously cheap, right? What I didn’t know is these floorboard heaters, they are power suckers and what’s worse a couple of them, even if you have them “turned off” they don’t actually “turn off.” Anyway, Jae got a nasty $100 utility bill (which is extremely pricey in my area for my amount of space). You can bet your bottom dollar I called the power company to complain about faulty meters and what have you. But that’s when he informed me if I can to cut power to those greedy gremlins, Jae’s utility bill.

Did I spend an evening figuring out which circuit breaker went to what? (Heaven forbid things should actually be labeled in Job’s apartment!) Why yes I did. Needless to say my bills are less than half what they used to be.

Not the biggest deal on its own.

But did I mention the smell? As the weather turned colder the tenants below me took to smoking inside. Nope, they’re not supposed to. I moved into a smoke-free apartment complex purposefully. If people want to smoke, fine, but not in a place where others are expecting a smoke-free environment. Anyways, I’m still going through Febreze like I go through Lee Min Ho dramas.

But about that smell…. I reported said neighbors for alleged smoking. Except it didn’t always just smell like cigarettes. As I’ve come to learn, these cigarettes are of the 420 persuasion.

The Bob Marley blanket over the window should have been a big clue. Anyways, it turns out these fine folks are not only doobie-doobie-doing it, but they also sell it. Knocks on the door or on the exterior window late at night? Frequent. Are the police doing jack about it? They aren’t. The manager is going through the lengthy legal process of laying these late-night loser to the curb, but it takes time.

Stinky and late-night noise it remains.

Did I mention the fridge went out? Yep. On Saturday. And that’s not an emergency to the fine owners of our fine complex. I loaded up the perishables that hadn’t already gone moldy and am currently storing them at the BFFs. My freezer was still working, however. But come Monday the maintenance man informed me until the whole thing was completely defrosted there was nothing he could do. Sure would have been nice to know this on Day One vs. Day Three.

I had to store all of frozen food items in a box out on the balcony. At least it’s cold enough for that. I guess.

Thankfully the fridge was fixedβ€”on Day Four. It’s super convenient to drive over to your friend’s house to access your food whenever you’re hungry and then come home and stare at the big empty box taking up space in the kitchen.

But hey, at least the place hasn’t caved in on me yet and I’m not sitting around covered in boils. *knock on lots of wood*

My conclusion? I can’t feel confident that things will ever progress to better in this place. I have never enjoyed living there. While it was a lot of fun to have my own place (when something wasn’t breaking down), it got me thinking maybe I should live with someone to cut costs and start saving up for a down payment on my own place.

All of things things in and of themselves are no biggie. It’s just that piled all on top of each other, well, this is about how I’m feeling these days.

Okay, now that I’ve relieved a little stress with Lemongrab, time for solutions. I think the plan is simple: Sell my contract. Move.

It’s been nearly 6 months and since I have to give 30 days notice to do this, that’ll make it March. I can hold out until March. Sure I can. And the price is pretty reasonable for a 2-bedroom. Plus it’s just 6ish months for them.

Anyways, positive thoughts, prayers, etc in my direction if you would. I’ll keep you all posted on new developments. Much as I loathe moving (again) I’m hoping this next move will lead to a more permanent, happy location.

35 thoughts on “Welcome to Job’s Apartment

  1. Apartment of Job indeed. I used to live in an apartment by myself, that was a bad idea. I can’t handle that amount of isolation very well. I think your plan sounds good, wishing you the best of luck!

  2. At least you have friends. Job’s didn’t have friends. Or an apartment, at one point. In fact, his friends nagged and ditched him, so bonus points to your BFF and her functioning refrigerator.
    I’d offer to help you move, but I live around a thousand miles away… so… Sending good thoughts?

    • That’s why I keep knocking on wood. I certainly don’t want to get into a who’s worse off contest with Job. No thanks. 100% no thanks. I just wanna leave his apartment before things get worse. πŸ˜‰

  3. I recently wrote an ad at work for a construction/renovation company. The opening line: “Is your house broken?” I didn’t realize I wrote that until someone made fun of me for it. But, the sad truth is I probably subconsciously wrote it b/c my house IS broken! lol. Windows, floors, dryer, toilets…I’ll just stop there, haha! I feel your pain.

    • Broken house buddies! Gah, I’m sorry. If your washing machine agitator quits working, msg me. I recently fixed mine and it was super easy. πŸ™‚ Yay for YouTube. I should do a short post or something. πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh no! So sad when you’re excited about moving to a new place and it turns into such a nightmare. At least it’ll give you plenty of future story fodder, right? Good luck finding a better place in March!

    • Yep. That’s often what I tell myself in those situations. At least it’s good for my experience as a writer. And March isn’t so far away. I’m optimistic about a better place in the near future. πŸ˜€

    • A friend of mine just bought a house so I’m going to get out of here and move in with her. Fingers crossed I can sell my contract quickly. I think I’m in your camp now. No more apartments.

  5. Oh boy, Jae. Things tend to come in huge piles of do-do and then you’ll be done for many years. Hang on and write about all the weirdness. The downstairs tenants alone could provide fodder for several stories.

  6. Okay I’m creeped out right now. We moved into our new apartment two months ago.
    Our first night here cockroaches crawled through our cabinets.
    And our toilet broke. And broke again. And again.
    And our heater broke. It’s still broke. They haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet.
    And our water heater gives us 12 minutes to take a shower before the lukewarm water turns to cold.
    And our utility bill shot up to the hundreds. We have to unplug ours to turn it off, when it will even turn on because the heating coils jack the utility bill up through the roof.
    And then last week our ceiling light started leaking water onto our kitchen table. And there’s now a hole in our kitchen, our table is shoved against the fridge, and we cant use our kitchen. It smells like moldy, stale, water, and we’re still waiting for the people to come back and fix it.
    AND we have to beat the doors down of our property management dude for him to get anything accomplished.

    Maybe this kind of thing is normal and that’s why it happened to both of us. But as I was reading this I was cracking up – practically the same things.

    I’d freak out if our fridge died. Food. Its a must!
    I’m so sorry you’ve had a crappy time! Having your own space is so awesome (not that I would know, lol) but if the cons outweigh the pros, you gotta find someplace better.
    Keep us in the loop! πŸ˜€

    • What the what? You’re living in Job’s apartment too?! I’ll pray for the fridge doesn’t die. One of the worst things ever. Because food. And I had just bought a new gallon of milk that day. Fortunately that made it into another fridge on time, but yeah, I’m ready to leave. I’ve got some people interested in taking over the lease. Should know tomorrow if management has approved them.

      It’s funny, in Japan or Costa Rica, I just kind of dealt with bugs being everywhere. But back in America, you’d better believe I’m super pissed if I even hear mention of one. Don’t know why that is.

      Ugh. One day Daphne… one day we’ll live in super awesome places. One day…

      • Oh that sucks! I’m glad someone is interested – maybe you can get out of their soon.
        The funny thing is, we’re so used to random crap happening that this isn’t really bothering us. I mean, yeah, its annoying, but I feel way more tolerant now, lol!
        Make sure to let us know on your blog how it goes πŸ˜€

    • Hey, thought I’d mention this trick that works for me. Run enough hot water the water heater kicks on, wait 15, then shower. Seems to make the water last longer for me. Best of luck…

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