Friday Flix: Sherlock

friday flix jae scribblesThe BBC is on fire lately with Steven Moffat in the mix among other things. I don’t think I even need to mention Doctor Who. And don’t get me started on Luther. We need Idris Elba to be James Bond like yesterday.

Idris isn’t sure either why he hasn’t been James Bond yet…

But we’re not here to talk about what handsome man should play James Bond, we’re here to talk about a detective. This detective.

Now let me make it clear that I have no problem whatsoever with the RDJ movies. Apples and oranges, baby. I’m not going to play the which is better than what game because we all know Jude Law pulls off a better mustache than Martin Freeman and even though Freeman is shorter, I’m pretty sure he could take Law in a fight. Strengths to both. Besides, am I really going to hate anything this man is in?


Okay, but what we all gathered here to do today, despite my fangirl ADD episodes, is to talk about what Cumberbatch and Freeman are doing with the characters and the answer is PURE AWESOMENESS!

If you haven’t seen this series yet, welcome back. I know it’s probably been dark and dank living under that rock. First things first. Get on the Netflix or the Amazon or go to your friend who has said services’ house and watch. Now. I can wait.

Oh? You still need more convincing? Did I mention the Hobbit and Smaug were in it? Did I mention Kahn was in it? Did I mention Steven Moffat? Did I mention modern rendition of Sherlock Holmes?


Okay, maybe you’re a little wary of a series of which each season is only 3 episodes long. I can understand that. But they did it on purpose. They filmed each episode as if they were filming a movie. So really, it’s like you’re watching 9 particularly awesome movies.

I haven’t read many Sherlock stories yet, but of the one I did, the creators seems to stay fairly true to the original text. Obviously they have to modernize it, but it works well. Trust me.

But maybe you need to hear Jae’s reasons why you may later feel ashamed you waited so long to engage with this series before now.

1. Bromance between Sherlock and Watson. It’s one of the strengths of Supernatural, the bromance. I think many of us secretly wish we had a friend we were that close to. Or maybe you do and it would remind you a lot of your own friendship and be all the more glad you have it. They work as great contrasts to each other. Sherlock may be brilliant in many ways, but totally clueless when it comes to things like humanity and interacting with the real world. Watson may not have the mind of Sherlock, but he’s the heart of the pair. Their cases gives him purpose and help him deal with his PTSD. I guarantee you’ll love watching if only for the reactions between these two.

2. Steven Moffat twists and turns. It’s fun to figure out a mystery, especially a Sherlock one. Often you’ll think you’ve got it all figured out and then WHAM, the writers take it in a completely different direction. If only to witness fabulous writing unfold is another reason you must watch this show.

3. Villains. I almost like villains more than I like protagonists. Almost. And the villains in this series are top notch. Especially Moriarty. In fact this series’ Moriarty would scare the jujubes out of RDJ’s Moriarty. Hands down. I could tell you that Moriarty alone, even if there were no Cumberbatch and Freeman to be found, would be enough to watch this series. He’s brilliantly played, brilliantly written, and the reason I’ve seen his episodes multiple times. He’d even frighten the Doctor. And forever how much you think he’s frightened you, just wait, because there’s even more unexpected twists from him that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.


In the first season, you’ll really get to like this pair of crime solving compadres. But by the end of the season you’ll be so surprised, it’ll feel  something like this.

And then season two will commence and in the beginning you’ll wonder if this can even possibly beat out season one. I mean how can they top what they did in season—WHAT THE?!

And you’ll spend all of five minutes (or for the rest of us you spent nearly a year) puzzling and wondering and scheming and trying desperately to figure out how in the world season two accomplished what it did and how season three can possibly comfort you by any means. I felt a lot like the Grinch, puzzling and wondering how Christmas could possibly come when Steven Moffat stole all the presents. All of them.

And then, recently, season three happened. And at first I was like…

Then as time passed, I was like this…

And earlier this week when I watched the final episode/movie of season three I went into full fangirl freak out shock.

I really wish I could tell you all the things, but I wanted this review to remain spoiler-free. I will say for season three I wasn’t sure they were going to pull it off. Some may call it a cheap shot, but I really don’t care because I wanted that ending before I even knew it existed.

And now I’ve been thinking all week, thanks a lot Steven Moffat for making me the ridiculous crack addict I’ve become for Sherlock. GAAAAAAH! Oh well, at least I still have two more series to finish with this guy.

Aaaaahhhh, all better.

Okay, now are you convinced? Why are you still here? Seriously, go forth and watch. What more can I say?

If you are going to be a spoiler in the comments, please try and signify with **SPOILERS** or some such. Now that I have that out of the way, are you convinced? Or for those who needed no convincing, what did you think of the third season? Did you understand the image at the very end of the last episode? Please explain!

Oh, and one last enticement. The opening credits of the new Sherlock.

14 thoughts on “Friday Flix: Sherlock

  1. I’m a SHERLOCK fan for sure. However, I am waiting for PBS to start airing season 3. It starts this Sunday. After DOWNTON ABBEY. That means I have to DVR it and watch it Tuesday. Because, if I watch it without the awesome husband, he would be sad panda.

    But, I am totally excited. It is an awesome series.

  2. I love the RDJ movies, they are seriously some of my favorite movies ever, and for that reason I have purposely avoided watching this show… but I have to admit, I keep hearing great things about it and despite myself, I’m starting to get curious. I think I may just have to check it out 😀

  3. “(or for the rest of us you spent nearly a year)” (Or, if you’re British, you wait over two years) 😉
    I don’t know why, but I never really did like the RDJ movies. I think I just couldn’t get into them. I definitely prefer the contemplative/thinking/withdrawn side Cumberbatch and the many actors before him played.

    • Oh really? Well you are pretty hard core when it comes to Sherlock. I love them equally, like children. Are you excited for ****SPOILER**** next season’s villain? Did you understand the clip at the end?

      • Did I understand? No, not really. ***SPOILER*** I would’ve though his death was pretty open-and-shut, unless Sherlock was mistaken (unlikely) or being an unreliable narrator. On the other hand, writing-wise, it’s unlikely to be a double-fake. Anyways, he might turn out to simply be a diversion or someone using his face. Oh, they do like to leave us in the lurch!

        • **** SPOILER **** I really kind of hope he’s back because I liked him so much. He’s one if my fav villains ever. I think he needs one more season. Guess we’ll see. Is it true they might have the next season by Christmas?

        • Debatable. I’ve heard things from one year to another two years before the next set.

          ***SPOILER*** Yeah, I liked him for his charisma, but, as you know, I’m a Sherl-purist, and I’d prefer them to keep to the idea that they’d died simultaneously…

        • **** SPOILERS **** I’m guessing there will be someone who isn’t Moriarty behind it. That seems like the best choice. But I’m still hoping it actually is Moriarty. He’s too fab of a villain to be done yet. *sigh* Steven Moffat!!!

  4. I saw the very first episode a long time ago and loved it, but for some reason I’ve never seen the rest…I know, I know, I need to get off my butt. You have me convinced – I’ll add it to the list of shows I absolutely need to watch, and then blame you for yet another month of unproductivity. 😉 I still haven’t started City Hunter yet because I know that’s going to suck up all my time, too…gah! Too…many…good…shows!

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