Row80 and WIPpet December 4th

Yay NaNo! I’m still not quite finished with Book 2 yet, but I’m getting very close. I can sense I’ve got too many scenes, but I give it the first draft shrug and kick it into overdrive. That’s the way it goes you know. Besides, those extra scenes can give you new ideas that you can incorporate elsewhere.

Since I won NaNo, I’m also looking to pick up Scrivener, which is 50% off for the winners. I’m never the sort to pay full price for anything if I can help it. But I don’t go as extreme as attending that event called Black Friday. No sir-ree bob, not me! I do the Cyber Monday, if I do anything, which is kind of weird to call cyber. But I don’t think anyone can think of a better name, so it’s stuck that way.


Finish line edits on SHADE. Achieved!

Read at least 2 new books. Making progress. I started a book called Gone Girl, but I’m the sensitive type when it comes to language and crudity. It’s not that this book is extreme by any means, but it kicked on my offend-o-meter too many times and I moved onto The Night Circus instead. But if that sort of stuff doesn’t bother you, I think the book is fairly well written, at least based off the 3 or 4 chapters I read. I think it’ll turn into a decent story.

I did manage to get a hold of a copy of Matched from the e-library, but it’s an epub which means Kindle no likey. I’ve tried finding any other medium that doesn’t involve reading on my computer (cuz that just ain’t happening). There’s a chance I can get it to work on my phone, but if every there was a strong case for sticking to the Kindle only, this would be it. I guess I could buy it, but I hate to buy stuff I’m not sure if I’ll read again in the future. #firstworldproblems

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Achieved!

NaNoWriMo Challenge. ACHIEVED!

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

Time for the whole reason in my hectic and somewhat shenanigan-filled life that I keep on trying to blog, the WIPpet. When last we left Logan an angel was there to either help or destroy him. Some background info, though Logan was raised by a human named Gentry, of his biological parents, his father is a full-blooded infamous demon and his mother is half-demon, but also just as infamous to the angels.

“Who are you?” Logan finally asked, hating the silence, and especially hating the way those sapphire eyes scoured him.

“Vincent,” the angel replied.

Tension immediately left Logan’s body. After all this time, they’d finally found him. “Then you are my father’s friend,” Logan said, sighing relief.

“Your father is a terrible demon and your mother is something worse. They are no friends of mine,” Vincent snarled, folding his arms.

For a moment, all Logan could do was stare. Was there more than one Vincent? He had to ask, but first, this angel stood in need of correction. “My father is named Gentry and he said you were supposed to help us.”

“Help you?” Vincent laughed. “My only interest is in helping the world. Imprisoning you for eternity rids the worlds of two horrors.”

Logan clenched his fists. “But I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“You are your mother’s son. That’s plenty wrong.” Vincent narrowed his eyes.

Logan stepped forward. “I’m Gentry’s son! And you can’t hold me accountable for what my mother has done.”

“Maybe not,” Vincent admitted. “But we’re willing to sacrifice your freedom for the safety of our world.” Vincent knocked on the wall. In almost an instant the door appeared and Vincent exited. Logan tried to followed him through, but found only wall in his path.

Do you think the angels are justified in imprisoning Logan because he can potentially be just as dangerous as his biological parents? Do you believe the ends justify the means? And how are your goals coming?


19 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet December 4th

  1. Many good stories have language and crudity that turn me off. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but that’s why I gave up within the first hundred pages of the Game of Thrones series.
    As for Logan, could the combination of his parentage make him more dangerous than both his parents? Has Logan exhibited any flares of magic or power without meaning to which cause the angel to question him? Have others born from demon lineage been fairly normal and nice before suddenly becoming cruel or evil?

  2. Congrats again on NaNo! I’m hoping to finish my manuscript by early 2014. I’ve had a couple of other projects that needed my attention ASAP so I had to put it on the back burner for the time being (and it’s hard to leave it there b/c I want to work on it soooo bad!)…I read Gone Girl. I’m with you on the crudity thing, so it was tough to get through (and I personally didn’t like any of it, especially the ending)…I also read Night Circus and Matched. I liked both (Night Circus is beautifully written; the type of book you taste as you read it.)…As for your WIP question: I always think the “guilty by association heritage” plot is a fascinating one, so keep working through it. As you mentioned, just make sure its balanced well. You don’t want it to a be “just because” reason. You need evidence to support that “just because” reason…I’m dealing with a similar issue in my story, so I feel your pain with this, haha. Good luck!

    • Thanks so much for all your thoughts! I hope your manuscript finishes on track. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. And thanks especially for sharing your opinion on Gone Girl. Sounds like it wouldn’t be a read I would enjoy. I’m glad I had Night Circus to turn to, at least so far. 😀

  3. Good excerpt. Vincent’s treatment of Logan felt unfair to me, but that’s without much context. Within the novel as a whole, Vincent’s motives might be clearer, especially if he’s a pov character.

  4. I’m curious as to why Gentry thought Vincent would help. Are there two Vincents? As for whether it’s wrongful imprisonment . . . well, if it’s just based on who his parents are then yes. Unless the angels know that the offspring of such a cross can be nothing but inherently evil. In which case, I think they’re justified. Do the ends justify the means? Depends on the cost, I suppose. And what the ends are.

  5. That angel is a feminine hygiene product that is often made of vinegar and water. Obviously, I disagree with his actions. That’s like saying “your parents are racist, therefore so are you.” And many over came such an upbringing. Sure, that’s a less dangerous thing, but it is a more common example. Everyone should be given the opportunity to show who they are and not be molded into a box.

    • LOL, love that choice of words. XD I think we all deserve a chance to prove ourselves. I think stuff like this comes up in my writing a lot because I hate being perma-labeled like that. People can change and don’t have to follow how they were raised or what they were like in the past. 100% agreed.

  6. Firstly huge congratulation in doing so well in NaNo!

    Vincent is a genius name for an angel btw. He kinda creeped me out and it’s really tough and somewhat unfair on Logan to end up suffering because of his parents. Really intriguing extract.

  7. It’s actually interesting how many Scriptures have this exact scenario in them. Individuals being punished, or presumed punished, for the sins or evil deeds of their parents. I’m interested to see your twist on it.

    Yay for finishing NaNo!

  8. Don’t know what kind of smartphone you have, Jae, but there are a lot of good epub readers out there(and a few that trick Kindles into accepting the format as well). I hope you can find something to let you keep enjoying your books, no matter what the format. 😀

    As for Vincent and Logan… Given that we know that Logan’s mother is inside him, I can almost understand Vincent’s attitude. He cannot be sure that Logan isn’t acting on his mother’s behalf, I suspect.

    It does really suck for Logan though. I hope he can find a way to prove himself to those that matter to him.

    • That’s the trouble with being a writer, especially when we try and get inside both heads to create as real reactions as possible. I can understand why Vincent would think that way, even if I don’t like it. And I think Logan understands it too, which is why he hates it even more.

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