Row80 and WIPpet November 20th

So I totally spaced this post today. Got a little involved in outlining the upcoming parts of my novel and busy with other things and well, you know how it goes. Have you ever gotten to the end of plotting one book and the next is trying to demand your attention? One project at a time you crazy ideas. ONE! (That’s how I roll. Don’t know how you multiple-projects-at the-same-time people do it).

Anyways, great weekend for me. More on that in the goals below!


Finish line edits on SHADE. Achieved!

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I’m still a total slacker when it comes to mornings and train commuting still isn’t happening. Hopefully soon.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Achieved!

NaNoWriMo Challenge. ACHIEVED! Yep, hit 50,000 words over the weekend. But I’m pressing forward, because the show ain’t over yet. I’m going to try for 70K, which was my original goal anyway. I think I’ll hit it. I’m pretty into my story right now. I know a few of you hit 50K a bit ago, but hey, at least I caught up. And for those of you still working toward it, don’t give up. The point is to write, no matter how far you get. So write!

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

Onto the WIPpetting. I think I’m going to continue on with what I had last week and give the next little excerpt to what happened. (Feel free to read last week’s so you’re not confused).

Darkness surrounded him, accompanied with an unrelenting squeeze. Or was it a stretch? Or was it both? The darkness and the water pulled him, stretching and squeezing, making his body contort into uncomfortable positions. He swayed back and forth, back and forth. He reached out to grasp something, anything, but all he felt was the water. Not even the cold hands gripped him any longer.

The water squeezed him again, thrusting him forward into a pair of strong hands that gripped his arms and pulled him from the water. Explosions and screams echoed around him. The hands lifted him up and he opened his eyes. Yellow ones stared back into his. He tried to shove himself away, but his head spun and he couldn’t stand without his aunt’s support.

“The first time is always the worst,” she consoled, patting his head. “How fortunate for me you decided to finally visit the city. Reflections are so much easier to find in a place like this.”

“Reflections?” he muttered, falling into her.

“Are you envious of my pet? I would be in your position.”

Gah! Family can be so demanding and a little too possessive. Hope your NaNo is going well!


26 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet November 20th

  1. Oooh…that danged water trough! But sounds like he came out on the other side. Wherever the other side is. Interesting bit about the reflections, making me wonder where that will lead.

    • I did a terrible job this first draft explaining them (I dropped that mention in a comment box to fix later), but she can use mirrors or anything mirror-like to find people and pull them through. So don’t stand by water nor look in any mirrors. 😉

  2. Reflections…. So, the pet would be something of a water elemental? Maybe?

    Hmmm…. I’m both really confused and really interested.

    And YES! Great word count, Jae. You’ve really been doing well on the writing end. The commute…. well, keep working at it. Maybe audiobooks and a headset?

    • I just need to GET ON the dumb train instead of driving in cuz I’m late and those books would get read easily. I just don’t sleep well at night yet. That and this dude in my complex leaves at like 4 in the morning. It always wakes me up because his truck sucks and it take him a dozen times or so to get it started. I probably just need to try earplugs.

      • Oh, crap.. I have a neighbor like that too. Comes home at 2:30 in the morning, turns on all the arc lights and gets their dogs barking…

        I totally sympathize.

        Maybe you can coax yourself into getting on the train by the possibility of a nap on the train itself. Reading can come after you recover…

  3. YOU HIT 50K! Ahh, Jae, that is so awesome. I admire your determination and concentration. Sometimes I wish I knew how I did with CampNaNo, but I think that if I’d actually had the computer to write on, I’d just have become distracted. Just got to wait ’til I can type up 🙂

    • So you’re still longhanding it then? I did that forever until just a few years ago. It took a bit to convert over to digital, but now I won’t go back. I still outline longhand often, but writing is all digi. Now my longhand writing endurance is crap. It used to be awesome….

      If you can get any creative writing done while at Uni, pat yourself on the back. There’s just so much going on with studies. It can happen, and I did write quite a bit during college, but I think it’s perfectly okay to have to put things on hold for your education first. 🙂 How’s Uni going by the way?

      • Haha, yeah, mostly. I mean, CampNaNo I did longhand not by choice. I don’t think I would have done the exercise at all, had I not been in Uganda in that month.
        I know I’m longhanding/writing novel first drafts less, since I’ve got about four notebooks given as present that I’ve not used at all. I don’t know if I can write first drafts on the computer straight away; the majority of the stories I’ve started on purely digi have never got as far as the others.

        Hehe, I don’t know. I just mumble with it. Besides, isn’t the American system more intense than the British system?
        Yeah, it’s going well, I think, thanks.

        • I don’t know. Probably depends on the college. Some schools you wonder how they dare charge tuition with the students graduating (dumber than a box of rocks). But others are insanity. During high school I could totally write stories and not pay attention for a second and coasted right through. College, that was 100% not possible. I had to learn how to study during my first year since I’d spent all of high school not bother. 😛 My friend who did a master’s at Oxford said it was easier than she thought, but she also said master’s they don’t take as seriously as doctorates, so everyone pretty much slacks off. But I admit, I know little about the British system.

        • Haha, yes! I wrote WTCB for the NaNo when I was studying for my 16-yr-old exams (though I was fifteen at the time). I guess I did take the exams the two years after more seriously, but I’ve always found the time to write. I don’t know. Depends on the subject, of course. The biologists and system engineers have some 9 – 5 days during the week. My worst day (normally) has three contact hours, and two hours for the extracurricula stuff. It’s jumping about, but that technically gives me a couple of spare hours.
          ‘Masters they don’t take as seriously as doctorates…’ Using that logic, bachelors are even less serious. And that’s Oxford.

        • Wow. Guess I’m not really envious of her then. Of course, I’d rather just live in England for kicks vs. studies if I was going to live there. Maybe when I become the kind of author that makes the kind of money where I can do that, I will. 🙂 Sounds really easy. One of my co-workers is from England. I’m going to have to ask him what he thinks of American College vs. British. He’ll probably try and talk a little smack, he’s pretty pro-England, but I think he’ll still be honest. I’ll let you know what he thinks (as he’s currently studying at American colleges).

        • Well, yeah. The studies are cool, but, of course, one wants the fun (and rain! xD) of England. Yay! Apart from Italy, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. You should definitely come across when you are a free author 😉
          That’s a good idea. Definitely see what he says.

    • Per hour? Good question. I’ll have to time myself. I’ve had some 6 and 7K days lately, but I’m not sure exactly how many hours of writing I did. It certainly wasn’t a full day. But 1000 per hour sounds awesome! Nicely done!

  4. I second Roy McCarthy’s question, but I have no idea what my per-hour count would be – partially because most of my writing occurs during my ride on the commute, and the Android app I use on my tablet doesn’t have a word count on it. Also – I missed the bus yesterday by about 2 minutes because I woke up late, so full understanding of not reaching the train on time.

    More importantly, congrats on completing the 50,000! That is fantastically awesome, and deserves an entire parade – like this one:

    Last time I checked my word count it was close to 35,000, so not too far to go.
    Good luck getting to 70,000!

    • What? They totes ripped off the Disney electric parade! But really it only made me wish Mario and the gang were somehow tied to Disney. That was the best parade EVAR!

      35K is pretty good at this stage in the NaNo game. I think you’ll easily make it to 50K, well, as long as I haven’t just cursed it. *knocking on all the particle board in my home*

      I’m not sure what my per-hour is, but it may be in the 1,000. Just had a 7K day today. I’m having too much fun, so I think 70K will come and go. I’ve got one NaNo buddy who’s already at 91K, the crazy girl. She probably just does NaNo to make the rest of us look bad, or chase frantically after her. 😉 (No, she’s totally nice, she’s just doing her thing).

      I’ve been writing via Google docs this time. Works great because I can access it wherever with whatever computer. And I like that I can leave comments for things to fix later.

      I’m loving the NaNo. What a great motivational event. 😀

    • Yeah, I think it could use a little more explanation, but I left it with a comment to fix later and kept going for the sake of NaNo. That’s where rewrites come in handy. And thanks! 🙂

      • *blush* I thought we were supposed to be lost. 😛 I meant it as a compliment. There’s me sticking my foot in my mouth again. *sigh* Don’t tell KLSchwengel, okay? She’s been dying to chop my foot off for months. I think one of her flying monkeys even has the sole purpose of monitoring my comments for opportunities.

        • Well, I never bothered to explain later and I think there should be some idea somewhere. But thanks for explaining your comment. It’s a first draft, so who knows how much of it will stay the same, you know. 🙂

  5. Jae,

    HOORAY for your win! DOUBLE HOORAY for going for 70,000! AND a HUGE TRIPLE HOORAY for having so much fun you see more, after that! =D

    NaNo totally rocks.

    If I’m the crazy 91K girl, I would never do it to make anyone look bad…I just happen to have a confluence of a perfectly suited to writing life (unschooling rocks, too!) and I get to play with Spock…and, oh, how I love to play with Spock. My husband can tell a few stories….*ahem*….

    Moving on…

    Just like you don’t understand us fluttery types with all the projects strewn everywhere in various states of undress, I am awestruck by people who can actually focus on one thing at a time, and not get distracted by all the other shiny stuff in their heads…

    I’ve lost track of exactly how many WIPs I have going…lol!

    I love this excerpt, and the peeks into this world. Don’t stand too close to those mirrors or water, and maybe don’t Blink, either! =)

    • Tee hee! Love the Who reference. LOL on your playing with Spock. Hey, someone has to. Why not you? 😉

      I guess if a new story tries to distract me, I succor it by writing it down in outline form, promising it that it will get its day. I’m still fascinated to see how many different processes we writers have and how it all works well for us in our different ways. If I ever was talking to upcoming writers about their process, I’d be sure to stress that the way I did it was mine and to find their own best way. I don’t like the types that try and make it their way or the highway. Know what I mean?

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