Row80 and WIPpet November 13th

NaNo is a whirlwind. A destructive, yet wonderful whirlwind that takes over your life and you wonder how you can possibly get anything else done. Hence my neglect of the blog….

But it’s WIPpet Wednesday, by golly. And that deserves at least a few minutes of my time to get something up. But first, let’s talk about Row80 goals.


Finish line edits on SHADE. Achieved!

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I’m still a total slacker when it comes to mornings and train commuting still isn’t happening. Hopefully soon.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Achieved!

NaNoWriMo Challenge. I’m a bit sluggish, but still making decent progress. I’m at ~28,000 words as of this post. That’s more than halfway. But I’m not loving what I’m getting. I’m having that murky middle moment. I’m still going to push through, because the best remedy for murky middles is rewrites. And pushing through has brought me some new ideas and discoveries that weren’t in my original outline. So this first draft may suck in one way, but it’s helping me in several others.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

And now for something completely WIPpet. Let’s see, today’s 11-13? What about 13 pages in and 11 lines. A bit of explanation: Vera and Logan went to visit Vera’s father Balfour in the city and find instead Logan’s aunt has set a trap for them.

“Stop it!” Vera continued, tears now streaming. “Please!”

When Balfour turned back to Logan, he finally understood. Those eyes. Yellow, panther-like eyes. Balfour moved Logan back with ease, Logan now struggling to hold onto consciousness. His eyes grew heavy and then closed, at least until he bumped up against something. Suddenly he was coughing as gasping and Balfour lay in a heap on the ground before him.

“What happened? Father?” Vera hurried to Balfour’s side, shaking him.

“He was,” Logan choked out amidst coughs, “possessed.”

Logan grabbed whatever was behind him to steady himself and touched something wet. He turned his head. A water trough?

“Son, are you all right?” Gentry called, hurrying toward him.

Logan nodded. “Father, it was—” Something cold and clammy clamped down over his mouth. Several other gray, rotting hands clenched fistfuls of his clothes and pulled him back into the trough. His aunt! The hands submerged his head in the water. She was trying to kill him!

And we NaNo on! What do you think of his aunt’s powers? How is your NaNo going?


26 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet November 13th

  1. Oooh this is exciting and a bit creepy as well. Things are not looking good for Logan at this point. Glad my aunts aren’t anything like that!! Well done for your NaNo achievements. Hope you get done all you want to. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m moving along and pleased with my progress. 😀 Yeah, I enjoy his aunt’s creepy power. And just writing her in general. I have a thing for the villains. 😉

  2. Ooh, ick! Creepy at the end there.

    My NaNo’s going well, but I’m re-drafting. Still typing it all, but it’s kind of cheating, since I’m actually fixing a murky middle I’ve had a year to stew on. 🙂

    • Nothing wrong with a redraft. I’m hating my murky middle. I kind of skipped it and went to the next part of the outline. No one says you have to go in order, right? Although part of me is screaming about leaving something undone, well, it’s a first draft and a NaNo draft at that. That’s what December onward is for right? The fixing!

  3. Congrats on crossing off some goals. Um, I’m *really* glad I already watered the sheep. I would rather not have something . . . or someone . . . dragging me down in there. *shudder*

    • It’s actually pretty helpful. There have been days I didn’t want to write at all, but that pesky daily word count goal kept bugging me, so at the very least I meet that. Other days it’s no prob.

  4. I’ve hit the murky middle as well, and also have discovered something about my main villain that I have to think about a bit. I agree that pushing through is often the best way to find a way out. If we stop, we might just get stuck in a swamp.

  5. You certainly pulled me in with that excerpt.

    NaNo’s going pretty good over here. It’s definitely more about getting the words down than getting them right. I’m more than halfway to the NaNo goal, but not quite to the midpoint of the story yet. Last time I wrote this one(doing complete rewrite, barely even looking at what I wrote before), I got sucked into my own doubts and really struggled with it. Just trying to get the story told this time then fix it.

    • That’s been the philosophy I’m trying to stick to as well. I really hate parts of what I’ve written, but I’m pressing forward in the name of NaNo and knowing that rewrites are in the near future. Just get the first draft out, hard as it may be. 😉

    • Maybe you should try leaving placeholders and just writing without the info. I’ve done that before with comment boxes. Like: look up info on artisan breads and then pretend like I know what I’m talking about. Since NaNo is all about the crappy first draft anyway. I had to skip ahead in my outline and I’m making a lot more progress. Made myself a note to come back and connect the dots in the middle later. 😉

      Do what works best for you. 😀

  6. Oh!

    Why does this remind me uncomfortably of certain members of my family of origin….?

    I definitely want to know more about what’s going on here….

    May you NaNo right on through that muddly middle.

    This is the first time I’ve gotten well into the middle (36/60 scenes in), without getting really stuck and angsty. It’s not perfect,but I think that my little experiment of writing a quick paragraph too outline the beginning, middle, and end of each scene, and making a “cheat sheet” to stick in the Scrivener file for each scene have helped.

    I have had to tweak some things, and, since my NaNo is a Star trek fanfic based on the action of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, my research involves my Kindle with the movie on it (unfortunately, Amazon cut some nice little bits out of it), and a tab with the transcript, to cover the gaps.

    I have come to a conclusion. It’s really not a very good movie, and my story makes it a lot richer!=D

    See you next Wednesday!

      • It’s those really great moments that made me long to make it better. It could have been great, but it was rushed, and the special effects outweigh the dialog. So many threads started, and then just left dangling….

        And here I am with this thing for weaving loose threads into stories…. =)

        • Speaking of Star Trek, in the newest one, Into Darkness, a loose thread that bothered me to no end was McCoy complaining about Kirk’s crazy vitals and then dropping it and never addressing it again. I guess Kahn’s superblood took care of it. I guess… 😦

        • Hmmmnn….I missed that one. Maybe because the first time I watched it was after being up all night, and with a head cold….and the second was the last night of the unschooling convention, with my boy….

          Or it’s entirely possible I was too busy lusting after the Vulcan to notice….

          I always wanted to know what became of the little girl in the hospital. The mom in me can’t stand not knowing.

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