The NaNo Beginneth

I know I’m a little late to the posting game, but what can I say, I’ve been busy. And part of that has been busy writing away. If the first day is any indication, I don’t think I’ll have trouble reaching 50,000 words in one month. Of course, I don’t necessarily have a complete plot either, so if I reach the end of what I’ve got and haven’t connected the dots trouble may then ensue.

Until then, I’m enjoying it.

It’s really, really hard not to go back and edit what I’ve written. I’ve been considering adding comments to the side of the document of things I need to fix later. I think that can satisfy the internal editor enough to keep it at bay.

But I’ve already made my goal for the day and I’ve still got some good juice left in me, so I’m going to keep going. I’ve noticed the little widget I have on the blog seems to update instantly, so it’s been fun to update my progress and know it’s being displayed. It’s a real sense of accomplishment. Hopefully all this motivation will hold through the 30th.

I have one chapter finished, and I’m thinking I’ll excerpt a little bit from this for WIPpet Wednesdays. Of course, it may be that I’m being too ambitious. We’ll see.

How are all you NaNoers doing? What are you doing reading? Go write, write, write! Let’s dominate this November!


11 thoughts on “The NaNo Beginneth

    • I hope your writing went well. I had a great day on Saturday, more of a struggle today (Sunday). Even though I’m ahead, I pushed to make at least the daily goal. Sometimes I find for me there are moments when it’s easy and words flow and other times where I have to struggle a little and think a lot. How is NaNo going for you?

  1. I’m trying to keep up with you in the word count, but you’re totally kicking my butt!! 😉 Glad it’s going so well for you!

    • Thanks! I don’t know about butt-kicking. One of my friends has already hit 25K. 😉 By the way, I’ve got a couple new Korean dramas with Lee Min Ho (JunPyo) in them and they’re highly addictive! I won’t blog about them until December though, promise. We have NaNo to think of, after all. I use it to reward myself for putting it good NaNo time, which sort of works. Yeah, it’s still a bit of a distraction. 😉 So look forward to more Lee Min Ho goodness in December. (Besides, one of them is simulcasting in Korea and here and waiting for episodes is a killer, so be glad you’re not waiting every week like I am….)

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