Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 30th

I was thinking I’d get a ton of stuff done yesterday, but then remembered I’d purchased tickets for a Halloween concert downtown AND a little table I’d ordered showed up and needed assembling.


Isn’t it cute? It’s sooo compact, which is great for the tiny amount of space my kitchen has available for any sort of table. I was actually fine without one, since I tend to eat in front of the TV anyway, but then I remembered sometimes I like to sew and sewing on the floor just isn’t going to happen. I love this little table though. It’s perfect and the fact that it’s a space saver is even better.



Finish line edits on SHADE. Progress made! I’m 80% finished with this bad boy and I’m hoping to crank the last 20% out just before NaNo. That way I can really relax and know Shade 1 is all polished while I’m making Shade 2. This will happen. I’m determined!!!

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I think this will take the NaNo schedule to get me back onto the commute schedule. Hopefully next week I’ll have something to report.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline is decent. I’m trying to figure out whether a certain event I want to happen is too large and needs to get pushed back to a Book 3 or if I can still include it. The trouble is I’m not sure what to do between the “now” of the book and that event. I want to include a certain character that at this point makes more sense logistically if she weren’t there, but story wise makes no sense for her to “disappear.” I know I’ll figure it out, it’s just frustrating with a deadline. Maybe this is good practice for industry deadlines in the future.

NaNoWriMo Challenge. Coming in 2 days.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

A little more from the short story I gave you last week. I’ve tentatively titled this Yellow Rubber Bowls. It’s a flash fiction piece I need to do something with eventually.

Something presses against the bridge of my nose before squeezing around my ears. It smells like pink pencil erasers or brand new shoes. I open my eyes. The man beside me withdraws his hands from my face. He’s wearing the same yellow rubber bowl he’s just put on me.

I never bothered talking to him—not once during our whole flight. Well, I did ask him to move so I could get out to use the restroom, but does that really count as conversation? And now here we were, two people with minutes if not seconds to live and all I know about Mr. Blue Eyes is he wants to make sure I’m breathing all the way to our deaths.

His hand covers mine. It’s warm, steady, and full of affection I’d so desperately wanted for such a long time—affection soon to be obliterated into nothingness. Couldn’t I have learned his name? Just his name. Or maybe asked where he’d been, or why he’d been typing on his laptop? I couldn’t even recall what he’d told the flight attendant he’d wanted to drink.

I feel like this is how I’ll meet that special someone—right before imminent death. *sigh* I guess that means I should learn to pay attention. What do you guys think? Do you pay attention or would you be more like this character? Ready for NaNo, all you participants?


31 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 30th

  1. Oh no! Sad story, but very gripping. And no, I’m not ready for nano…I still don’t know what I’ll be working on. But I have another day to decide, right? 😉 p.s. I love your space saving table, too!!

    • Lol, hey, you can play NaNo how you want to. It’s a motivation wave I think we can all use from time to time to get things done. Let’s win, whatever our goals! 😀

  2. I joke around with the hubby that God had to send extra angels to pound on my head so I would finally cave to the idea of making friends with him. I had known him at work for a year, always shying away from very simple ‘how are you?’ conversations. But then, finally, I decided to give in to the nudge and allowed myself to actually talk to him. I found a great friend that turned into a pretty awesome husband.

    I like this excerpt. I wonder what she and nameless guy are running away from? A killer? Something else? This opens the door for lots of intrigue.

    • Sometimes I wonder how often angels do have to draw our attention to things. Probably more often than we’d like to know about. Glad they helped you get together with your hubby. 🙂

  3. OOH, I love this!

    I actually have a whole, complete NaNo outline! That has never happened before…

    Of course, then I went and celebrating by watching the Enterprise episode “Home” – and this ginormous plot tribble plopped itself down smack in the middle of my imagination. There must be food in there, because it’s already into several scenes, with dialogue and setting and a wallop of emotional impact.

    Umm, yeah….

    I hope it will be happy being dreamed of on the back burner for the next month…

    I love your new little table. We have tables, desks, and pieces of board the kids drag out to play on the floor – but there never do seem to be enough flat surfaces here!

    As for that special someone – I would be paying attention. I have this tendency to chat with lots of people. I like making human connections.

    My special someone was at the Grand Canyon. We’re from opposite ends of the country…and, if we hadn’t met in the middle, we would not have met at all…and, sixteen years later, I can’t imagine that, or not having this crazy-quilt of a life we live together.

    May your someone be just around the corner, and, until then, may you find that YOU are your special someone! =D

  4. Great scene, realistic thought process.
    Alas, *sigh* I am not even close to being ready for NaNoWriMo. Trying to get line edits done to polish and ready for more queries. I am not even in this round of ROW80. But I am here to cheer you on!

  5. I’m pretty observant in general, but mostly in relation to others not myself. I love how time slows down in this excerpt, that’s generally how it happens when death is coming or something disastrous is happening.

    I met my boyfriend online actually. (just to share a bit like Sarah). I’d been on the site for MONTHS! meaning close to six and had horrendous dates from it. (one guy started our third date with “So, you know how I told you my mom died? Yeah, well…I killed her.” Not shitting you). The BF looked at my profile and didn’t say anything, but I thought he was cute and said something to him. Apparently he was about to delete his profile that day, but since I said something he didn’t. That was about two months ago.

    So yes, paying attention is always a good thing.

  6. So loving that table (I know, you must feel like there’s an echo on this page or something)… It’s on my definite “Want” list now.

    ROW80 goals? Ummm,…. um… TABLE!

    I love this piece you’ve been working on. So emotional. Though… as sad as this person is feeling right now, as least there are no bad experiences to regret. I mean, our “heroine” could have complained earlier about the man’s snoring, or had a nudging war because the man’s travel blanket kept falling on her, or…

    • True. Seems like if you have to go down, it’s nice to go down with a friend (of sorts).

      As for my table, I used the stools as TV trays, because they’re the perfect height. Multi-functional!

      • Oh, I don’t even know for sure that this will be the end for our protagonist yet… I’m just noting that the reactions could be very different if there’d been a bad experience earlier, or even if the protag had thought something nasty about this man who is trying to help save her (I am right that it’s a her, ne?)

        As for the table…. yeah, yeah, rub it in/ 😉

  7. That table is very cool. I could use something like that in what we term “the game room”. Which isn’t so much of a game room any more as it is a Girl Cave. *Woot!!*

    I just love the bit in the WIPpet about Blue Eyes wanting her to breath all the way to their death.

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed writing this flash fiction. Now I’m in the NaNo trenches, but I’m enjoying it. I don’t think it’ll be terribly difficult to keep up with the daily word count goal, but maybe I’m overly optimistic. Time will tell. 😉

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