Two Spooky Things and One Spocky

I’ve had way too much fun watching a couple of “scary” videos. At least the people in them get really scared while we get to laugh. And since it’s Friday and since it’s almost the weekend, why not celebrate Friday with a little fun.

First up we have the scariest babysitting job ever. Do you think you could handle this?

Next Ellen sends her people to Universal Studios Walking Dead walkthrough. I’m not sure I could handle this, but they’ve certainly done a good job.

Now that we’ve done spooky, let’s do something more spocky. Check out this commercial from Audi featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

What did you think of the vids? Are you put off from babysitting ever again? Want to go through that Universal Studios scene or plan to stay as far away as possible? Did you like how the Spock video turned out or should someone else have been a winner? Enjoy your weekend!

5 thoughts on “Two Spooky Things and One Spocky

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