Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 23rd

I’ve been lazily preparing for NaNo, cuz shoot honey, I got all the time in the world. At least that was my attitude until I realized next week is the last week of October. Gah! Time to get on it. I really think NaNo will be good for me because my writing time  has been super spotty lately. Now I’ll have a daily goal to meet and it’s probably something I should be doing regularly anyway.

If I ever taught a creative writing class, NaNo would definitely be a part of it. Plus doesn’t that work as a fabulous class? Take September to talk about form and structure. Take October to make them do all the prep work for NaNo. Take December to go over lessons learned and a little editing. Then the next semester could be all about polishing. Some day, people. Some day.


Finish line edits on SHADE. Progress made. I’m 1/3 of the way through the book. This is where that focus needs to come in. But I know there won’t be time during November, so hopefully that gives me the motivation to move quickly on this. I intend to use this evening to bust through a few more chapters.

Read at least 2 new books. No new progress. I’ve got to get my schedule together for this to happen. It’s coming.

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline is coming along, but as I said above, I’ve really got to put effort into this since there’s about a week and a half left before November….

NaNoWriMo Challenge. Coming in 9 days.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. No new progress.

WIPpet Wednesday

Well, I have no more Clemmings to give you. But I do have some short stories I could excerpt from. Feedback is always appreciated. 🙂 This is a flash fiction piece, but sorry, you don’t get the full thing today.

It’s funny the things that go through your head in moments like these. My first thoughts are to the dish of black beans in the fridge that were probably well past rotten. The smell in the fridge when someone finally came to open would probably kill them quicker than this crash is going to kill me.

Yellow rubber bowls tied to smashed translucent bags spring out of the ceiling. The people around me claw at them amidst screams. I only stare. What’s being able to breathe going to do for me on the point of impact?

And that beeping! We know the plane is going down. Is there really a point in alerting us about something we already know—something we can’t do anything about? I close my eyes and lean back in my chair. Those beans are really going to be murder.

Are you gearing up for NaNo? Have you ever had a random thing come to mind like that during a stressful situation? (Hopefully you’ve never been in a plane like that…)


17 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 23rd

  1. I’m doing NaNo!! Come find me. I’m Arones.

    Also yes, I have had random things like that come to mind…and thanks for the plane crash image. I’ll try to shove it from mind the next time I fly.

  2. Wow. I love this. And I love the voice we’re getting. Good luck with NaNo. I’m not participating but will certainly be throwing support where needed. 🙂

    • Thanks. And thanks for being a cheerleader for us. I did that last year for blog friends. It’ll be interesting to participate on the writing side of it this year. 🙂

  3. Love this. EWWWWW! for the black bean death to come.

    I am not a fan of flying – here’s one more reason.

    I love the way you’ve set the scene here.

    And I welcome NaNo friends (I’m lousy at remembering to add people). I think I am Cthia there.

    My outline is coming along well, too. I’ve done quite a bit of prep work, and I have a better sense of the story than I have any of my previous NaNos.

    I’m so excited to write this story! =D

    • I’m getting pumped too! Added you as a NaNo buddy.

      I think one of the worst fridge smells I’ve ever encountered is old black beans. Even sort of old black beans are smelly. But when they’ve molded, woo-wheeee. Forget chemical weapons, just fire old beans at the enemy. Non-lethal, but totally effective. 😉

    • I just saw that and I added you back. You’d think it would be a mutual thing, like on Facebook, where you can just accept. Whatevs NaNo. We’re totally going to rock this NaNo. Hopefully my blog doesn’t suffer too much. Maybe snippet posts or something. Never hurts to take a break.

  4. Distracted thoughts like this always seem to be at their best when something horrible is about to happen.

    This is a powerful piece, Jae. And here I was thinking I wanted to take another transcontinental trip one of these days….

    Oh, and found you on NaNo and added you. Really looking forward to making the words count this November… guess I should get to that planning I have to do too, huh? :-/

  5. well it would be nice to think that at the moment of death one’s thoughts would be on higher type stuff!! however I suspect it would be rotting beans or dirty dishes – maye the dirty underwear in the basket – great bit of flash – maybe I’ll see you up on nano – all the best:)

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