Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 16th

The exciting news is I got a washer and dryer. For $80 even. How I do love the online classifieds here! *sigh* My apartment is coming together. Yes. Well, that and I have the internet all set up. The internet is all that really matters. As long as I have my Netflix, every little thing gonna be all right. I love you Netflix!!!

Okay, but onto the other things. The Row80 things and the WIPpet things. I’ve finally got my act together and threw together some goals. Some are new, some are a continuation of old goals. Can I accomplish them all? Who knows? The point is to set them and SEEEEEEEEE!


Finish line edits on SHADE. This one should be short. Once I get to it, it should be over in a few days. It’s just my last bit of perfectionism on the book before I call it good and work on other things more full time.

Read at least 2 new books. This seems like a low goal, but hey, if I accomplish this I can always read more. We can always, always read more. Reading more is never a problem. 😉

October NaNoWriMo Prep Work. Outline, outline, outline. Character arcs, plots, themes, whathaveyou. I’ve already started on this and like where it’s going. Hopefully all this prep work will make NaNo a fun, though challenging ride.

NaNoWriMo Challenge. I’ve set the goal for 70,000. Based on how I tend to write, that should be easily accomplished overall, just not sure about a month. And I need to read up on NaNo rules and see what exactly all of this entails. But once November hits, this will be the forefront of my focus. I’ll be crafting the sequel for SHADE.

Edit/finish the short stories I do have. Another easy goal of sorts. I’ll either do this when I need a break in October or get to it in December. NaNo will gobble up November I’m sure. Then maybe I’ll post excerpts for WIPpet Wednedsay.

And I think I’ll leave it at that for now. I still want to read Chekhov short stories and give Clemmings some attention. Maybe we’ll call those bonus goals. But it feels like there’s enough going on for now, so THEMS THE GOALS.

WIPpet Wednesday

All right people. Moment of truth. Here comes the final portion of the excerpt I’ve been promising. For those who didn’t catch last week’s, be sure to read up here and maybe search for my previous WIPpets if you really don’t want to be left behind. There’s no going back now. Spoilers are a coming and they’re a coming strong. What will Jade do? What will Alice do? Oh the humanity!

“Get out of your way?” Alyssa sneers in a way that could only be learned from Mercedes. “Do you even know who you’re speaking to?”

Mercedes releases me and steps forward. “Now Alyssa, I’m sure Alice is just confused.” She looks around at the crowd. “I’m sure we’ve all been confused lately as to whose school this is.” She points at the floor. “Bow down and apologize and I might let you off easy.”

Alice actually meets Mercedes eyes and steps unusually close to her. “This isn’t your school anymore,” she says.

I lightly smile. Maybe Alice and the others can carry on without me. Maybe I did a better job of destabilizing Mercedes than I thought.

“Isn’t it?” Mercedes glances back at Charity, nodding. Charity hands her an egg. I see some of her male minions join the crowd, ready with bags likely filled with flour. Charity hands an egg to Alyssa, then takes one out for herself.

“Jade,” Mercedes calls. She turns toward me, placing the egg in my hand. “Why don’t you lead the charge?” She shoves me toward Alice. Those brave eyes widen as her determined face softens into utter shock. This is it. This is the moment where I prove myself as a bodyguard.

They say the best technique is becoming the subject’s friend, but I know better. My subject doesn’t want friends. She only wants power. That’s why Alice Clemmings is my key to top tier. Now Mercedes has a nemesis she must keep close to maintain control.

Daddy Everett was very specific that Mercedes didn’t know she was being guarded. Two bodyguards before me failed miserably. Now all I have to do is throw this egg and I’m in. But can I really guard a girl like this?

If I refuse, Alice is ruined and I might be as well. But if I throw it, Alice is ruined in another way, likely forever. I take a deep breath. My feelings are insignificant to the job. Safety is the first priority.

I throw the egg.

Okay, I’m ready for the tidal wave of thoughts. Go!


24 thoughts on “Row80 and WIPpet Wednesday Oct 16th

  1. How long is Clemmings? I haven’t been reading all the extracts, so I feel I’ve been missing out on vital pieces of fact. Tehe 😛

  2. I hate Mercedes. Just saying.

    Maybe you could call Chekov and Clemmings stretch goals, like they have on Kickstarter?

    I admire your 70,000 word NaNo goal. I feel like 50,000 will be hard enough for me, even if it’s only half a book.

    • I don’t have a problem being wordy, but it may be a bit ambitious. Since it’s my first NaNo we’ll see. I may only hit 50,000 but I still want to try. 😀

      And yeah, Mercedes is certainly as villainous as they come…

  3. Wow, great tension! Mercedes seems like a, ahem, *lovely* person. 😉

    I just asked if you were doing nano on my blog…see what happens when I fall behind on my blog reading? 😉 Catching up on posts now…good luck with the 70,000 goal! Don’t forget to keep me in mind when you’re looking for SHADE sequel beta readers…

  4. *jaw drops* Holy crapola, 70k?? Wow… Red Bull DOES give you wings, huh? 50K is gonna be plenty challenging enough for me. My underlying goal to NaNo, though, is to finish Spellbound within the month of November. It doesn’t need 50k to finish, so the real win for me will be to see that sucker’s rough draft done and completed.

    Damn Mercedes! I despise that chick!

    • Yeah well, we’ll see if that was too ambitious. The idea is not to edit your writing until November is over, right? Just to get a draft out. Might be entirely possible for me. Again, we’ll see….

      That’s great you’re using NaNo to finish something up. I love having a rough draft out because then you have something to work on. Hopefully this NaNo is super successful for you. Sounds like it will be. 🙂

  5. Ugh! I so wanted her to not throw the egg. Or turn around and throw it at Mercedes. Or just drop it and walk away. Poor Alice. 😦

    • I’m sure Jade wishes she could have thrown the egg at Mercedes too. Sometimes we have despicable clients. I’m sure for bodyguards especially they have to guard people they’d rather not. I’m hoping to put Alice, Jade, and Mercedes in a situation together in the future. I think what comes after this will be Jade questioning whether or not she wants what she wants. The redemptive stage, if you will. 😉

  6. The people that mix NaNoWriMo and ROW8- amaze me. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, it still amazes me all everyone is willing to take on. Makes me start feeling like I’m being lazy… You got a lot to do there. I think you were right to not put attention on those two goals, because of that.

    I’m not so sure the bodyguards failed as they made a moral choice to let this witch hang out to dry (maybe on a subconscious level if not actively). Well, it’s not over. Jade still has time for redemption. She better…

  7. It sucks when the innocent are used to to further the goals of someone trying to protect a monster… Jade should have chosen to leave her assignment before she lowered herself this way. Just my opinion.

    Yay for the washer/dryer!

    And yay for the goals. Now, just keep them moving, Jae. 😀

    • I’m so excited about my washer and dryer. And then I realize I’m excited about a washer and dryer and mourn my youth. 😉 Ah well, part of becoming an adult I suppose.

      Hopefully this will turn into a good redemptive story. Hard to say, I haven’t followed my muse very far, especially now that NaNo is coming up. Onto a new novel. Hopefully I can come back to Clemmings in December. Thanks for all your feedback. 😀

      • A redemptive story would be cool, but it sounds like Mercedes will have a lot to redeem herself for… and a lot of people ready to jump up and trash her when/if she shows any weakness.

        So, yeah… extra cool. If she’s that strong of a person, she’ll make an amazing character.

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