WIP Wednesday Oct 9th

I think Row80 started up again. I’ll have to look into it and set some new goals again. Honestly with my move I haven’t done jack. Well, I did set up the TV. Priorities people. Priorities!

WIPpet Wednesday

And speaking of priorities, of course I made time for WIPpet Wednesday. I was going to post a major spoiler today, but I think I’ll save that for next week. And the excerpt was way too long, so I’m splitting it in half. But be prepared for next week. Major spoiler is coming. Here’s the build up to that event.

Alyssa gives me a shirt to change into, more ruffley and fitted than standard issue, emphasizing the girl parts of me. She dresses me in a pink tie and navy blue jacket, also flourished with pink ribbon. Charity puts diamond earrings on me while Alyssa gives me black, heeled shoes with a pink stripe running along side them to step into. My transformation to Lily Girl is complete.

“Perfect,” Mercedes says. She hugs me, but it’s as stiff and phony as she is. “Welcome to the Lily Girls.”

“This is only temporary,” I say with clenched teeth. “I will find a way to expose you.”

Mercedes laughs, releasing me. “Darling, you’re stuck. Lily Girls are for life. What’s the time, Charity?”

“Eight o’clock. Everyone should be arriving now.”

Mercedes links her arm with mine. “Let’s introduce you to the school.”

I wait for her to tug me forward before moving. We leave the Mercedes shrine and roam the hallways. Gasps erupt like paparazzi camera flashes, constantly echoing around us. I even hear whispers of, “Who is that? Jade Simon? Can’t be! Wow! Wonder what Mercedes found on her. She always finds something.”

All my hard work at destabilization now transforms into the best propaganda Mercedes could have asked for. Like I said, if you conquer the superhero, you conquer the people she protected.

We turn the corner and find Alice, glass of juice in one hand, tablet in the other. Mercedes sends Alyssa to step in front of Alice. Alyssa slaps the juice away and students quickly gather around. Its been weeks since Alice has last been humiliated. No doubt some of them expect me to step in.

Alice looks up at Alyssa. Her eyes are more confident than when I first encountered them. “Get out of my way,” Alice growls. I’m impressed. The growing crowd of students can barely contain their excitement.

What do you think is coming? Think Jade gave Alice enough confidence to carry on or does Mercedes have something more devious planned?


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday Oct 9th

  1. Oooh, Alice, you *go*, girl!! “emphasizing the girl parts” had me laughing out loud. Such a vivid, lively scene with a lot of tension running under it.

  2. Getting reading for the ROW80 on the last day… sounds like me. You’ll get there when you’re ready. And we we be glad to see you…

    (at least you have your priorities straight… nice WIPpet!)

    So… Jade’s biding her time behind enemy lines. Sounds risky.

    • Haha, WIPpet is definitely the stronger priority. πŸ˜‰ Yikes, now I’m curious to see what all of you think of next week’s post. There’s bound to be an upset for sure…

  3. I kind of get the feeling that Mercedes will probably have something more devious planned… I’m intrigued to know but I guess I’ll have to wait until next week! Effective build up of tension.

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