Out with the Flu

Yep, it got me. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal on Monday, but that’s why I’ve been largely absent. Do keep me in your thoughts and prayers. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Out with the Flu

  1. The *cough cough* flu or the vomiting flu? Because, yes, I honestly go around wondering about this when people say they have the flu. O.o
    Regardless – I’m sorry. I loathe being sick. Get better EXTREMELY SOON!!! 😉

      • That’s what I thought. But so many people keep telling me that “flu” means a cold and “stomach flu” means vomiting. I’m just sitting there thinking “why can’t you just say what you mean?!” Cold = cold. Ugh.
        But anywho – I’m glad you feel better. 😀

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