WIP Wednesday Oct 2nd

Well, I moved into a new place. I’ll post pics when I have it altogether. The living room is looking good. I’m the type that feels a bit more serenity if one of the rooms looks clean and ready. It’s like my oasis in the midst of chaos.

But thankfully it’s WIPpet Wednesday, a bright ray of sunshine in the midst of stress. πŸ™‚

WIPpet Wednesday

No new progress onΒ Clemmings, but I’ve still got enough for a little excerpt. This happened just prior to last week’s excerpt. Poor Jade leaves Alice alone for one minute and then….

I pull out my tablet, messaging her. If she’s okay, she’ll have her eyes glued to it and will see the message immediately. But as I head back for the entrance, my message remains unanswered. It’s probably foolhardy, but I head back to the lunchroom to search for clues. Our table is spotless. But Mercedes’ table is now also empty. Something has to be up.

I stride back to the office, declaring as I enter, “Alice Clemmings is missing. And I know Mercedes is behind it.”

The secretary and another office administrator look at me with raised eyebrows. The administrator, a man of expensive suits and high grooming standards, lets out a sigh as he says, “That’s quite an accusation, Miss.”

My watch beeps, signaling the end of lunch period.

“We’ll look into it,” the secretary says in a far cheerier voice. “Why don’t you go to class? She might even be waiting for you there.”

“I’m not going anywhere until I know where she is,” I almost growl, and it reminds me to keep my cool. In a far more controlled voice, I add, pointing to my watch, “These things keep track of us, right? Can’t you just look up where she is?”

“That’s private information,” Mr. Suit says, stepping forward. “Which we don’t just disclose to anyone.” Somehow I bet he’s the one who supplies Mercedes with her access. Even though this school is top of the line, I doubt he makes enough for the suits he wears. “Now, head to class or I’ll give you a detention block.”

I stare Mr. Suit down. A detention block will hardly matter if Mercedes is as brutal as I think she is. Mr. Suit clicks a button on his tablet and my bracelet beeps. “That’s one. Care to make it two?”

I narrow my eyes.

And there you have it. Another WIPpet Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll be making progress on the big story soon.


27 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday Oct 2nd

  1. Woo for new places! Weird that we’re in the same boat at the same time again.

    Loving the excerpt. I learn more about your WIP every time. And now I get why it’s called Clemmings! xD

  2. I feel like I need to read this story from the beginning. I love the excerpts, but I want to know and understand more.


    Best of luck getting the new place in order. I have a strange relationship with order. I like having a clean house, but it always kind of surprises me, and makes me a wee bit nervous. If asked, I’d have to say that I prefer order, but I’m comfortable with clutter. πŸ™‚

  3. Ooo… Is Mr. Suit going to end up with his desk on the ceiling or some other epicly inconvenient and difficult to fix prank? He’d deserve it. πŸ™‚ I hope Jade can find Alice soon.

  4. Yup, based on this excerpt, I would say sci-fi is a genre this story could fit under πŸ™‚ Mr. Suit sounds like someone I’d love to give a crusty to myself. I want to stare you down, Mister! Let me give YOU a detention block for not answering the question!

    I like an organized home, but at the same time, I’m not very good at maintaining it. O_o My husband is, believe it or not, the one that is better at keeping things picked up and organized. When he does it, I’m like “heeeey, there’s a table again! That is so cool and it feels great! I have a spot again to put my bag–” and then he scolds me for putting something on the table and reminds me that is why it needed cleaning in the first place. Yup.

    • Lol, you have a good husband. πŸ™‚ and yeah, Mr. Suit is definitely a chump. I’ve known too many people like him. Sounds like he’ll definitely have to get his one day. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not surprised she’s being stubborn when Mr Suit and the secretary aren’t taking her seriously. Love the details that really bring the scene to life such as the detention block and the watch that tracks student’s whereabouts. Great!

    It’s important to have one room clean and tidy even if the rest of the place in chaos. Hope you enjoy your new home. πŸ™‚

  6. OH! I have such a grudge against adults who treat kids as though they are lesser beings. I can believe that he’s behind at least some of this.

    But if the worst he can do is detention blocks, that’s only relevant if the student in question cares about detention.

    My money’s on Jade.

    Excellent WIPpet! I am really liking this story! =)

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