Comic Con and Conference

salt-lake-city-utah-comic-con-logoWhat’s that you say? Comic Con? Why yes indeedy! It’s happening in good ol’ Salt Lake City this year and I’m soooo excited. Ever since I abandoned going to San Diego’s Comic Con I’ve felt a void in my soul that’s been needing some geeky filling.

Haven’t heard of SL Comic Con? Well of course you haven’t! I guess it used to be called GEEX, it was more about gaming. But now we’ve got William Shatner heading it up, with Adam West, Burt Ward, Kevin Sorbo, Adrian Paul, Tia Carrera and so much more.

Okay, yes, it won’t be as big of a deal as SDCC, but the point is I don’t have to fly out there and stand in line for 5 hours to get into Hall H for that one forum that was ill-placed after the Twi-hards’ stupid forum finishes! Did I mention it got to the point of ridiculousness I would find ways to sneak into forums without the line? It really pissed off the SDCC workers, but you could walk down the “OUT” corridor and when someone exited the forum you wanted, you ran like the dickens inside, disappearing into the crowd before they could catch you. Yes, friends, that’s how desperate it became. Because I HATE linecutters and people who broke the rules like that and SDCC became such an intolerable atmosphere I became one of them! Oh the humanity!

So, now I can lay that stress aside. Sure, all the big studios may not be promoting there, but somehow I’m fine with just geeking out with my local homies. I just can’t deal with the alternative anymore.

Anyway, it’s coming up in a couple of weeks. It runs September 5-7 and of course I’ll give you all the deets with photos and forum notes and any other good things a happening. Oddly enough, when we were out TARDIS playing yesterday, the kid who built it told us Comic Con called about renting it. I’m sure he’s flying higher than a kite these days, but I love that Utah hearts its geeky stuff like that. I mean, these are the same types of people who thought it would be awesome to build this.

the up houseAnd they were right. It is awesome.

I’m also doing a writing conference the week after hosted by the League of Utah Writers. This one isn’t as big a deal as Storymakers in my mind, but it still never hurts to workshop my writing and I can meet with an agent one-on-one again. It’s all about seizing opportunities. Of course I’ll share what I learn there with you all as well.

September is gonna be awesome!

Do you ever attend Comic Con or the like in your area? What about writing conferences? If you could attend Comic Con would you dress up? And what as? Do you secretly wish you could live in the UP house?


9 thoughts on “Comic Con and Conference

  1. I love smaller cons. The big ones have their moments, but it’s such a better experience when you don’t have to spend three hours standing in line to meet your favorite actor/writer/puppet/tardis. Hope you have fun at yours!

    • Three hours?! You’re so lucky! I’d kill for a 3-hour wait. šŸ˜‰ But yeah, I’m excited to have this kind of fun. Seems soo much more relaxing. I’m hoping I can get a pic with Adam West. That would make my conference complete. Probably not without $$$ though. That’s the way it goes. *sigh*

  2. The only major con I’ve been to is E3 – which was awesome. It is the lack of money, and time which keeps me from going to more, but it is something I’m hoping to explore in the future.

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