Strange, Entertaining Things

I never used to read blogs, unless the Oatmeal counts. Or the occasional read on io9. But it wasn’t until I actually started blogging that I discovered how awesome the blogging community was. Especially here on WordPress (no offense to Blogger users). We’re a fairly tight knit community on the WP. I try to keep up with Blogger blogs, but have found interaction on that platform to be extremely lacking. I still get to them sometimes, when I can.

So, having that in mind, knowing how rarely I get over to Blogger, there is one blog I make the time for, even with the annoying Blogger platform. And that, my friends, is the blog It Just Gets Stranger.

It’s thanks to the BFF I found this blog at all. She put me onto the post that put this Stranger blog on the map: the infamous Snuggie Texts (they even made the news). And since then there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think: “Hmmm, wonder what that weirdo’s up to today?”

I’m kidding! Okay, only sort of. (See Meow That Tune).

But more often than not, these posts easily work as inspiration for comics. I’ve given the Scribbles treatment to a few of my favorite posts, but fear not ye time-wasters, there’s plenty of hullabaloo to be had on Stranger for hours and hours to come.


Let’s start at the very beginning. For me at least. Warning! Reading this post may cause you a fit of the giggles you won’t soon see the end of.

snuggieEver received an accidental text? Well, Eli did, and instead of ignoring it or texting back she had the wrong number, he decided to run with it. See what shenanigans follow when Eli and the Unknown texter fight about what’s better to get their “mutual” friend Beth for her wedding.

Snuggie Texts is a part of a series on the blog called “Messing With People.” If you don’t have time to scour the whole blog, go to the “Messing With People” section for the giggles. Be sure to follow up with with Snuggie Texts Part II.

And the comic I drew is my favorite part of the whole interaction, especially that Unknown didn’t think something was up at that point and continued on texting. 🙂


Apparently on Palau there are cat-sized, hairless rats that eat small babies and tear through window screens to get at your chocolate cake. Poor Eli and his BFF came home to carnage of destroyed chocolate cake via the infamous rat Leotrix.

I must admit, if I had a rat like that busting into my house to steal my solar-baked cookies, I’d be ready to napalm the whole neighborhood too. Read about the original event here, and the continued fallout here. And if you ever visit Palau, hide your chocolate cake.

leotrix cake


Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What the jujubes, Jae? A post about polygamy? How is that going to be funny? Oh, it is. This time one of Eli’s friends was being spammed by a guy on the prowl for more wives to add to his collection of one. The friend passed the email onto Eli, and the hilarity ensued. Take that creepy polygamist.

Also, one of the phrases used in their back and forths gave me a fit of the giggles, and I tried to imagine how it would look.

Am I interested?!? Does a duck bathe in olive oil at a nuclear power plant?!

For your enjoyment, a duck with his olive oil.

duck olive oil nuclear


Revenge never tasted so sweet. One of Eli’s friends had a sister named Cheryl who pranked her by pretending to be her secret admirer, even going so far as writing love notes.

Read as Cheryl fights against prejudice for the poor. At the end of the day, it’s good to know people like Cheryl are on PTA boards so that this doesn’t ever become a reality.

stop the poor


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the posts as much as I have. Even though Leotrix lives in Palau, I still want to visit one day. Besides, I’d go scuba diving. I don’t think Leotrix can swim. Can he? Aaaaah, Google, tell me if this is possible!

In the meantime (those who read enough of the blog will understand), beware the Queen of Colors.

queen of colors

9 thoughts on “Strange, Entertaining Things

  1. Hehe. And those comics are wonderful, Jae (though Leotrix rather freaked me out…)! YOUR blog is always one worth reading *flattery will get me everywhere*! xD

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