WIP Wednesday & Row80 Aug 14th

I did a little more solar baking over the weekend. I made three things: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, garlic knots, and pasta. Yep, you’re supposed to be able to boil pasta in the oven, so I gave it a go. It took a bit longer than the traditional stove top, but it was a learning process this time around. I think it can be shorter in the future. Glad to know I can do that. Supposedly I can boil rice in there too. I’m loving this solar oven! I can’t wait to try it out in cooler temperatures and see if it lives up to its reputation of working in nearly any full sun environment. Big plus too that I’m not heating up my house in the summer.

solar oven pasta

The Goals

1. Read at least 10 more Anton Chekhov short stories to add to my progress starting from 50 of 201. Got another one in. 59 of 201. Progress. 😉 Read his stories here free!

2. Finish reading both The Fire in Fiction and On Writing. No new progress.

3. Submit Trick or Tree to another writing contest. Finish Dog Shy and write at least one other short story, all to be submitted to contests. No new progress.

4. Write a flash fiction story. 2 flash fiction stories written so far.

5. Do at least one thing every week that increases my fluency in Spanish and Japanese. Check and check!  Thanks to Teaching Tunes Tuesdays I’m keeping up with this one.

6. Finish feedback edits on SHADE and get it queried. Still in the midst of editing. Lots of scene reworking. And honestly, it’s not often the whole scene, but little bits that need to change. Sometimes they take forever and I think, did I really just spend two hours on such a little piece. It’s what we do for our stories, right?

Bonus Goals. Code Name Clemmings now has a little bit of a Chapter Three, but I figure since it’s a bonus goal, I’m making good progress either way. I really need to get on my other goals….

WIPpet Wednesday

Just because I haven’t made tons of new progress, doesn’t mean I can’t post an excerpt from Clemmings. Let’s see, the math. Going backward. 13 lines from the end of Chapter Two, 15-line excerpt.

I take the unclaimed crème brulee with raspberry spread on top. Rumor has it it’s Mercedes’ favorite. “So what then? Bad luck?”

“Want to study?” Alice stands up, grabbing her tattered, multi-colored bag.

Hoping this is Alice code for let’s-talk-in-private I say, “Sure, I guess we have the extra time.” I follow Alice down the corridor away from the lunch room. We walk all the way to the end, not saying a word, and turn right. We turn again until we’ve made a full loop.

“Alice,” I begin, but she hushes me and keeps making the loop. After our fifth turn around, she takes us into the school nurse’s office. Aside from the doctor hologram asking us what we need, no one is inside.

“I need silence,” Alice says, and the holo-doc nods. The door locks and our bracelets announce “consultation in progress.” Alice looks at me with her cheek. “Too many ears in the lunchroom.”

“Why all the loops?” I say.

Another hiccup giggle. “It confuses the tracking system. It will make us look like we’re continually doing a loop until it resets, which gives us a few extra minutes of privacy.”

Okay, every time I read this, I really want some crème brûlée. If you only knew all the other desserts I described in the sentences above. See, vengeance can be sweet? Or is it vengeance? Dun-dun-dunnnnn. 😉

Are you getting your Row80 on? Are there details you make sure to pay attention to when you’re writing your stories (mine’s food)? Any feedback you have to offer on my excerpt?


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday & Row80 Aug 14th

  1. I love crème brûlée… though wouldn’t raspberry topping mess with the brûlée part or are the berries torched too? 😀

    Cool about the solar oven. I wonder if it would work in Upstate New York.

    Interesting bit of privacy and not you’re writing here… Hmm, I feel the need to know more.

    • People put it on top as a sauce. Maybe I could make it something else. I dunno, I just really wanted creme brulee while I was writing it. 😉

      The solar oven works anywhere there’s a clear day and sunshine. They’re awesome! I recommend them to everyone, especially if you like the idea of being able to bake if the power goes out. 😀

      • I can’t argue with your desire for crème brûlée (LOVE the stuff… to my waistline’s sorrow). I just never saw it served that way so it made me wonder, especially since it seems like would mess with the crispness of the burnt sugar.

        And cool about the solar oven. Will have to suggest this to the hubby.

        • Good to know on the creme brulee. I’ll have to research it further just to make sure.

          I got the “All-American Sun Oven” via Amazon. I got the kit one, with all things included. They’re pricey, but handy. They say they work in the winter too, and I’ve seen a few videos, but I’m eager to try it myself.

        • All ovens are expensive…

          If you like crème brûlée, here’s fun thing to make for breakfast… oatmeal brûlée:

          Use rolled, not quick oats, make thick, then melt butter on top and add half-n-half to pool around edges of the bowl.
          Slice a ripe banana over the top until it covers the oatmeal all the way to the edges of the bowl. Cover banana slices with browning sugar (I use Demarra sugar, but any large crystal sugar will work).
          Gently brown sugar with a brûlée/kitchen torch (or with the broiling element of a toaster over), until it bubbles and forms a nice crisp layer over the bananas…

          YUM! And it’s even healthy… (I’ve used other fruit, but bananas seem to handle the browning the best.)

          (I use a blow torch to make mine)

    • I bought my solar oven. I know they can be made without rocket science, but my laziness in having a finished product was worth it to me. 😉 There were quite a few different solar ovens, but this one appealed to me because of its low temp use and that it could produce baked goods. Some just heat up frying pans.

  2. I love the excerpt…and maybe I shouldn’t tell you that I’m married to a creme-brulee making chef…. 😉

    I love the outwitting of the systems (and it makes me think of high school, and Eden Mabee and I trying to get past Dot Barbolt, the fiercest lunchroom lady/school warden of them all…..

    I’m going to find out if solar ovens work in upstate NY (sounds like a fun project for the chef and the techy boy to do together….

    Your WIPpet definitely has me wanting more!

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