Teaching Tunes Tuesday: Reik

What is Teaching Tunes Tuesday? Where I take 10 vocabulary words from either a Spanish or Japanese song and tell you what they mean so we can both increase our knowledge of the languages. I’ll do a lyric video followed by an official video (if available).

I came across this band while watching español videos randomly. Honestly, I’m not sure how I found it, but I really love this song Creo en Ti. And apparently so does everyone else. It’s a blasted $1.29 on everywhere. $.99 is still my limit for certain songs folks. I’ll wait and see how long I can hold out, especially since I can just watch the video over and over again. 😀


cada – each
cruzar  – to cross (seen as cruce)
cielo – sky
piel – peel; skin (I think in this case peel)
detener – to stop (seen as detuvo)
fantasmas – ghosts; phantoms
acabar – end; terminate (seen as acabo)
apagar – turn off; turn out (seen as apago)
rescribiste – rewrote
caída – fall

What does Creo en Ti mean? I believe in you. Awwww… And what does Reik mean? I’m not really sure. Google translate tried to direct me to Lithuanian, where it just means should. So you should listen to Reik to increase your Spanish fluency. Ba-dum-chi!

Diez palabras mas people! That’s 10 more words on our journey to Spanish fluency. And now you can go and sing this song to the ladies (and probably the guys too) and at least sound like you’re probably saying something romantic (which you are). Goal to learn more Spanish: CHECK!


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