Yawn Much

Today the Daily Post had an interesting topic, in a way…

What bores you?

It makes me wonder about the administrator behind the Daily Post and how they were feeling at the moment they came up with this prompt. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve been a storyteller for some time, and I’ve noticed that when I am bored, my brain automatically goes to plotting the details of a story I’m currently working on to pass the time. Has this ever happened to you? You get the most intense inspiration for a certain scene only to realize you missed about 80% of the conversation you were supposed to be involved in.

Only the person you’re talking with could be content talking to a picture of you painted on the wall for how much they care whether you’re actually involved in the conversation. I’ve heard them referred to as the “babbling brook” which makes me smile. But I’m partly curious to know what goes through their mind (or doesn’t) when the person across from them isn’t doing much more than wagging their head in agreement or disagreement occasionally.

What do you think? Do they hate the possibility of silence so much they must fill that void with everything and anything? Or are they more interested in hearing the sound of their own voice?

The friends that I have who are like this I used to let steamroll me in my shier days (which is probably why we became friends). Now I steamroll into the conversation or avoid them altogether. It’s not a happy solution. But it really, really bores me when a person has no interest in conversing with you but at you.

The other thing that makes me yawn much is meetings—typically because I’m forced to go to meetings with about 95% information that has no bearing on me or what I’m doing. Usually I doodle. Again, I’m the type that tries to let no moment go wasted. A benefit, I think, of being a storyteller.

So now I want to know. What bores you? And I don’t just mean ho-hum. I mean so bored you’re hoping someone calls in a bomb threat because you just can’t take it anymore—or at least close to that feeling. And do you ever have issues with babbling brooks? What do you do?

14 thoughts on “Yawn Much

  1. Jae – agree with you on meetings! I should have saved all the doodles I created while covering commission meetings in three towns while a reporter. I did manage to write a novel when everyone else thought I was copying down every word spoken, which proves this adage: Be careful what you tell me, you might end up in my next novel. I’ve lost your email when I changed my address. You’re up for guest post next Wednesday on my blog. Please email me at pczick23@gmail.com.

  2. When I was in school (college in particular) I used to bring a notebook and write my stories during class. I explained to one of my professors once that the reason is because no matter how interesting the topic I find it excruciatingly boring to sit and listen to someone talk for an hour, and when I’M bored, I drift off. It only took me almost bashing my head off my desk a couple of times before I decided something had to change, and even though you’d think the writing would distract me, I actually heard and remembered more of what the profs said when I wasn’t paying attention to them. lol

    • Good for you for being able to still hear what they’re saying. There’s no way that would work out for me. It’s like my mind is teleported to the distant land never to return until I put the pen down. 😉 But in high school, no need to pay attention, and away I went into my notebooks. I’m sure I looked very studious. 😉

      Thanks for commenting! What kinds of stories do you mostly write these days?

      • For some reason my brain has always worked better when it’s doing a million things at once. As soon as things calm down it’s like my cognitive processes turn off. lol

        I’m currently editing a zombie apocalypse novel while writing an epic fantasy adventure. I’m a bit eclectic. 🙂

        • I don’t think they’re as unrelated as all that. It seems like the same people who enjoy zombie apocalypse novels enjoy epic fantasies. 🙂 Sounds fun!

  3. That drives me nuts. It’s like they just want to get out what they have to say and they don’t really care what you think about it. I try and stay away from people who I know are going to stand there and go on forever.

    • I’ve learned they’re used to steamrolling, so it’s okay in their case to steamroll back. It feels rude the first few times you do it (interrupting on purpose) but they get used to it, and then if you must converse with them, you can. 😉

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