Teaching Tunes Tuesday: Akeboshi

What is Teaching Tunes Tuesday? Where I take 10 vocabulary words from either a Spanish or Japanese song and tell you what they mean so we can both increase our knowledge of the languages. There will be lyric videos, followed by official videos.

Let me introduce to you Akeboshi, a band probably very familiar to you anime fans out there, especially when it comes to Naruto. I quit watching Naruto after discovering the manga was far less frustrating to read than the anime was to watch. Good gracious the anime goes sloooooooow. (Which reminds me, I need to catch up on my Naruto reading).

Anyway, Akeboshi is a good band to listen to for Japanese learning because the enunciation is pretty good and like a good J-band they throw in a few English words, so if you want to memorize the song it’s that much easier. This is one song I actually do know all the words to by heart.

A note: When it comes to learning languages this way, don’t always trust the fansubs of songs, nor the lyric searches you find online. You may notice some of the spellings don’t match what the speaker is saying (for example mikaduki should be mikazuki). If you’re ever translating yourself and a word doesn’t make sense, there’s a good chance it’s been wrongly translated. Be aware!


keitai (ケイタイ) – cell phone
muchuu (むちゅう)  – daze; trance
mikazuki (みかずき)– crescent moon
mendou (めんどう) – trouble; difficulty
omoi (おもい) – thoughts; feelings; emotion
tsuku (つく) – to tell; to breathe
aeru (あえる) – to meet
arifureta (ありふれた) – common
chirakatta (ちらかった) – messy
mahou (まほう) – magic

Yellow Moon. You know what that means, but what’s he singing about? Yellow moon, now, count to three and open your eyes. Shadow moon, you are still dreaming. Look me in the eye as you turn away and tell me “yes” or “no”? …And a bunch of stuff about feelings. 😉 Like most songs, right? Poor lost (or losing) love… *sigh*

Okay, now that we’re 10 words more fluent in nihongo, and since we’re so much smarter, let’s watch the real video (which is the same as the lyric video only sans lyric. Goal to learn more Japanese: CHECK!


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