Row 80 Check-In July 31

Happy Birthday Harry!

Oh, you didn’t know it was Harry’s birthday? Yes, apparently he was born on July 31, 1980, so Harry did actually reach the ripe old age of 33 today. So good on you Harry for kicking… oh, right. Spoilers. Except I just said… *ahem* Moving on.

The Goals

1. Read at least 10 more Anton Chekhov short stories to add to my progress of 50 of 201. 57 of 201, thank you very much! Short story writers or wanna-be writers, Chekhov helps. Read here free!

2. Finish reading both The Fire in Fiction and On Writing. Still going for Spanish, but a great post I read earlier this week has jabbed me a little more in the direction of reading On Writing. Just got to get my schedule together and I think I can make this happen.

3. Submit Trick or Tree to another writing contest. Finish Dog Shy and write at least one other short story, all to be submitted to contests. No new progress.

4. Write a flash fiction story. No new progress, but I’m thinking when I get a free minute to edit those I have written. At the very least, I’m up to 2 flash fiction stories written, and that’s something to be proud of.

5. Do at least one thing every week that increases my fluency in Spanish and Japanese. Check and check!ย  Thanks to Teaching Tunes Tuesdays I’m keeping up with this one.

6. Finish feedback edits on SHADE and get it queried. Began the ominous task of edits this week. I’ve made it through three chapters, although no real guarantees that they are “done” in any sense. But her feedback was very thorough and she brought up a lot of questions that need answering. That’s what I love about this kind of feedback. The questions are asked, supported by reasons and I’m left to make the change for clarity. That way changes I make are mine and mine alone. I’m excited about this editing, even though it does feel a bit ominous a task. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bonus Goals. Code Name Clemmings is on hold and it’s semi-killing me. I really got into the characters and story, but I feel like editing needs to come first. Perhaps when I need a break I’ll give it another go. I really just want to finish up Chapter 2 so I can take it to my writer’s group.

And yeah, thanks to The Cupboard Fiasco, the 5am coach found himself employment again. I’m hoping tonight I can fire him. Here’s to forcing that pink slip down his throat.

And what’s the status on your goals? Do life events often throw off your schedule or do you stick to the schedule *no matter what*? What kind of feedback do you like best on your work? Do you go to a writers group or do you have good friends you work with?


20 thoughts on “Row 80 Check-In July 31

  1. My goals are in summer mode, which I guess shows I’m an adapt to life, goals need to be bendy not rigid person. I’m entering an editing is more important phase too, and I get your pain. I want to finish writing my current project for like 70 reasons, But must edit now!

    PS- Harry and JK share their birthday. So, happy birthday to her too!

    • I was going to say Happy Birthday to her, but didn’t know if I should wish Robert Galbraithe a Happy Birthday too because it seemed awkward…

  2. It’s so odd to think that the fictional character I ‘grew up’ with is actually over ten years older than me! Of course, this is because JK started writing in 1995, the year I was born, so figures.
    I’m about to start another round of revisions, targetting my still-too-elaborate use of language, and I’m not looking forward to them.

    • It frustrated my little brother too, because they were the “same age” when he started reading them (little did he know they weren’t at all), but then she took so long in releasing the others he was older than him by the time Book 7 came out. (Again, more trauma ensued when he realized they weren’t the same age at all).

      Revisions are fun, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I used to write during my high school classes almost all the time, but in college I decided I should probably pay attention since I was paying for it. I mean, I at least didn’t write *during* class. So that counts, right?

    • I had trouble posting a comment on your site, so I’ll just tell you here, nice work on your goals, especially with finishing. And thanks for the resource on PressWords. I hadn’t heard of it before. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think that part of why I identify with Harry is that we’re close in age (like I was reading about a contemporary’s childhood). I recognize Rowling’s “muggle” world without cell phones and lap tops.

    Good luck meeting your goals!

    • I think she did well to hide all that or at least not draw attention to it, because you know all Dudley would be doing in this day and age is be on his iPhone. Probably wouldn’t have made much difference to Harry. The Dursley’s wouldn’t have given him any of that sort of stuff anyway. But I really hadn’t thought of it before you mentioned it. Now I’ll be reading it with another new perspective. (Woot!)

      And thanks! Here I go again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. My son, now almost 12, read the first five books at 7, then scared himself. He’s been talking about going back to them. I told him about how there was such fanfare when each new volume came out – that’s an experience he didn’t have.

    As for schedules – I don’t have one. It wouldn’t fit well with unschooling,which is a very spontaneous way of life.

    Writing is the thing I do pretty much whenever I get a chance. I move through my goals, in short bursts in the daytime, and longer stretches at night.

    I like to bounce between different types of projects, so, this month and next, I have editing, writing, and blogging goals going. I need to be able to write new things while I am editing – each feeds the other, for me.

    I don’t have an official critique partner, but Eden Mabee and I have known each other for most of our lives, and we cut our writing teeth and birthed our stories together (yup, in high school!). We’ve both seen a lot of the development of those stories into the worlds we play in today…

    Because we know each other and each other’s stories so well (we met when we were 4; that’s a lifetime of history, almost), there’s a lot we don’t need to explain. We meet for a workout, coffee, lunch,or an evening of writing from time to time, and, talk about where we are headed. Sometimes, but not always, we exchange things.

    She’s my secret weapon! =)

    • That makes it nice you have such good friends to help you with writing. I pawn my story off on almost everyone, friends, family, more honest friends, friends I’ve never met, writing group buddies, conference buddies. I tend to go in shifts with groups so eyes are fresher for drafts. Lots of fun….

      But I know what you mean about scattered time. I too don’t have a specific time of day I write, just a general goal to be accomplished when possible. It’s worked decently so far.

      • It’s really cool, because we’ve got so much history.

        I love that idea of going in groups. It does sound fun, with lots of different types of input….

        It’s nice to meet other “scattered” writers. =)

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