Teaching Tunes Tuesday: The Pillows

What is Teaching Tunes Tuesday? Where I take 10 vocabulary words from either a Spanish or Japanese song and tell you what they mean so we can both increase our knowledge of the languages. There will be lyric videos, followed by official videos.

This week we’re featuring a song by The Pillows, one of the best bands EVVVVEEEERRRR! No seriously, I have major fangirl love for the Pillows, first introduced to me via FLCL—the super spicy of anime. Seriously, don’t watch this show until you’ve been heavily steeped in anime culture, or it won’t settle well.

I always say Asian Kung-Fu Generation is my favorite band, but if we’re being honest, the Pillows and Ajikan are battling head to head for that position. I love them both equally, like my children, and will give the one who impresses me most candy. So eternal battles are always going on for the #1 spot with these two. Onto the music—of which the only lyrics I could find were dual in Japanese romaji and español. It’s like learning two languages at once. Winning!


koe (こえ) – voice
sakaratte (さからって)  – against
yoru (よる)– night
nobasu (のばす) – to extend, stretch (as nobashite)
hodokete (ほどけて) – unwound, took apart
barabara (ばらばら) – scattered; disconnected
okage (おかげ) – favor
doukashi (どうかし) – somehow
kanau (かなう) – to come true
tsuyoi (つよい) – strong

What does Funny Bunny mean? Exactly what you think. But what’s the point of the song? I think it’s a kind of nostalgic song, at least the guy is thinking about a girl whose dreams are coming true, but she’s left him and he’s hoping they can go back to that good day they had when it was windy. Something like that.

Okay, now that we’re 10 words more fluent in nihongo, and since we’re so much smarter, let’s watch the real video (which is the same as the lyric video only sans lyric. Goal to learn more Japanese: CHECK!


What are your thoughts?

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