Teaching Tunes Tuesday

What is Teaching Tunes Tuesday? Where I take 10 vocabulary words from either a Spanish or Japanese song and tell you what they mean so we can both increase our knowledge of the languages. There will be lyric videos, followed by official videos.

This week we’re featuring a song by Café Tacuba (Also known as Café Tacvba). I originally liked this song because it reminded me of Muse and had a creepy sort of feel. But when I actually read the lyrics, well, let’s just say I’m weirded out.

Anyway, on with the lesson.


lado – side
camino  – road; way
trazo – stroke
arrugado – wrinkled
(arrugada just matches the feminine form of cara)
empolvada – powdered
asomo – trace
regalado – given
cobijado – sheltered
sembrando – sowing
campesino – peasant

Okay, so what weirded me out? This phrase: me amo. No, not te amo, or le amo, or even mi amor. Me amo. What does it mean? Go back to that part of the song where he’s crying it and imagine him saying so passionately: I LOVE MYSELF!!!!!!

I had to double check with my friend from Mexico. Here’s how that conversation went:

JAE: So, if someone says in Spanish, me amo, does it really mean I love myself?

FRIEND: Are you sure you don’t mean te amo?

JAE: Nope. Remember that band Café Tacuba? He’s got some song where he’s saying me amo and I was wondering if it had a different contextual meaning.

FRIEND: It’s probably just some narcissistic statement he’s making about himself. *thinks* Can I see the video?

*after watching the video*

FRIEND: Nope, it means “I love myself.” That dude’s a weirdo anyway.

cafe tacuba vainI dare you to load this song up onto your phone while you’re driving and belt out right along with him ME AMOOOOOOOOO!!!!

What does De Este Lado Del Camino mean? Basically: From This Side of the Road. So despite whether or not he gets wrinkled with powdered hands or some such, by golly, he loves himself.

Okay, now that we’re 10 words more fluent in español, and we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves, let’s watch the official music video. Goal to learn more Spanish: CHECK!


What are your thoughts?

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